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Duncan, Deborah - Respiratory Care: Assessment and Management, ebook

Respiratory Care: Assessment and Management

Duncan, Deborah


This handbook of ophthalmic nursing standards and procedures has been developed to assist healthcare professionals working in a wide range of ophthalmic settings, and also to provide the patient with safe and consistent ophthalmic nursing care. Ophthalmic…

Pokorski, Mieczyslaw - Respiratory Contagion, ebook

Respiratory Contagion

Pokorski, Mieczyslaw


Incidence and Clinical Course of Respiratory Viral Coinfections in Children Aged 0–59 Months
A. Nitsch-Osuch, E. Kuchar, A. Topczewska-Cabanek, K. Wardyn, K. Życińska, L. Brydak
4. Antibiotic Prescription Practices Among Children with Influenza

Wilson, Theodore A. - Respiratory Mechanics, ebook

Respiratory Mechanics

Wilson, Theodore A.


Table of contents
1. Lung Mechanics
Theodore A. Wilson
2. The Chest Wall and the Respiratory Pump
Theodore A. Wilson
3. Flow and Gas Transport
Theodore A. Wilson

Arai, Yasuaki - Respiratory Endoscopy, ebook

Respiratory Endoscopy

Arai, Yasuaki


Table of contents
Part I. Edition for Radiological Technicians
1. The Role of X-Ray Fluoroscopy in Bronchoscopy
Yuichi Nagai, Yuzuru Kouno
2. Development of X-Ray Fluoroscopy Devices
Mayumi Kitagawa, Yuzuru Kouno
3. Characteristics of X-ray Fluoroscopy
Yuichi Nagai, Yuzuru Kouno
4. Image Processing

Leach, Richard M. - The Respiratory System at a Glance, ebook

The Respiratory System at a Glance

Leach, Richard M.


The Respiratory System at a Glance has been thoroughly updated in line with current practice guidelines and new techniques to provide a highly illustrated and comprehensive guide to normal lung structure and function, as well as associated pathophysiology. Each topic has been fully revised

Paramothayan, Shanthi - Essential Respiratory Medicine, ebook

Essential Respiratory Medicine

Paramothayan, Shanthi


A succinct yet comprehensive overview of respiratory medicine, written for students and professionals
Essential Respiratory Medicine is an indispensable text offering an understanding of respiratory conditions

Anbar, Ran D - Functional Respiratory Disorders, ebook

Functional Respiratory Disorders

Anbar, Ran D


Functional Aspects of an Organic Respiratory Disorder: Cystic Fibrosis
Dewey G. Meyers, Ran D. Anbar
3. Chest Pain
Dilip R. Patel
4. Dyspnea
Douglas N. Homnick
5. The Habit Cough Syndrome and Its Variations
Miles M. Weinberger
6. Vocal

Bourke, Stephen J. - Lecture Notes: Respiratory Medicine, ebook

Lecture Notes: Respiratory Medicine

Bourke, Stephen J.


Respiratory Medicine Lecture Notes covers everything from the basics of anatomy and physiology, through to the aetiology, epidemiology, symptoms and management of a full range of respiratory diseases, providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-read overview