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Moore, Margaret - Who Should Own Natural Resources?, ebook

Who Should Own Natural Resources?

Moore, Margaret


The natural resources of the earth – from oil and water to minerals and land – are crucial to our basic economic and social existence. But who is entitled to control, use and benefit from them? Should anyone ‘own’ the natural bounty of our planet?
In this book, distinguished

Acar, Sevil - The Curse of Natural Resources, ebook

The Curse of Natural Resources

Acar, Sevil


Natural Resources and Human Development
Sevil Acar
4. Natural Resources and Sustainability
Sevil Acar
5. Two-Country Comparison: Norway versus Sweden
Sevil Acar
6. Conclusion
Sevil Acar

Singh, Vijay P - Water Resources Management, ebook

Water Resources Management

Singh, Vijay P


Water Resources Planning and Management
7. Water Crisis: Issues and Challenges in Punjab
Ravishankar Kumar, Upma Vaid, Sunil Mittal
8. Issues and Challenges of River Health Assessment in India
M. L. Kansal
9. Coastal Reservoir—How to Develop Freshwater

Messmer, Max - Human Resources Kit For Dummies, ebook

Human Resources Kit For Dummies

Messmer, Max


Human Resources Kit For Dummies is your one-stop resource for learning the nuts and bolts of HR. It gives you forms and templates that you can put to immediate and productive use.New information on anti-discrimination legislation; measuring performance; hiring, firing,

Cook, Hadrian F. - The Protection and Conservation of Water Resources, ebook

The Protection and Conservation of Water Resources

Cook, Hadrian F.


It is about water resources, their conservation, protection of water quality for human consumption and aquatic ecosystems. Since the publication of the first edition in 1998, major political and regulatory changes have taken place; this book provides a clear and comprehensive

Johansson, Ingegärd - Surfactants from Renewable Resources, ebook

Surfactants from Renewable Resources

Johansson, Ingegärd


Surfactants from Renewable Resources presents the latest research and commercial applications in the emerging field of sustainable surfactant chemistry, with emphasis on production technology, surface chemical properties, biodegradability, ecotoxicity, market trends,