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Abdel-Kader, Magdy G. - Enterprise Resource Planning, ebook

Enterprise Resource Planning

Abdel-Kader, Magdy G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ahmed O. Kholeif, Magdy G. Abdel-Kader, Michael J. Sherer
2. Literature Review
Ahmed O. Kholeif, Magdy G. Abdel-Kader, Michael J. Sherer
3. Theoretical Framework
Ahmed O. Kholeif, Magdy G. Abdel-Kader,…

Gaffikin, Frank - Planning in Divided Cities, ebook

Planning in Divided Cities

Gaffikin, Frank


Does planning in contested cities inadvertedly make the divisions worse?  The 60s and 70s saw a strong role of planning, social engineering, etc but there has since been a move towards a more decentralised ‘community planning’ approach.

 - Kitchen Planning: Guidelines, Codes, Standards, ebook

Kitchen Planning: Guidelines, Codes, Standards

From 83,60€

The leading resource for student and professional kitchen designers—completely revised and updated
Kitchen Planning is an essential reference for any designer working in the kitchen field, containing everything a professional needs to know to design

Ehnert, Ina - Sustainability and Human Resource Management, ebook

Sustainability and Human Resource Management

Ehnert, Ina


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction into Sustainability and HRM
1. Sustainability and HRM
Ina Ehnert, Wes Harry, Klaus J. Zink
Part II. The Role of HRM in Developing Economically, Socially and Ecologically Sustainable Organisations
2. Social Sustainability and Quality of Working Life
Klaus J. Zink

Fleming, Rob - Space Planning Basics, ebook

Space Planning Basics

Fleming, Rob


Conquer the complexity of interior design with a logical, methodical approach
Space Planning Basics is a definitive introduction and principle resource for thousands of designers. With step-by-step methodology based on the author’s several decades

Meyer, Michael D. - Transportation Planning Handbook, ebook

Transportation Planning Handbook

Meyer, Michael D.


A multi-disciplinary approach to transportation planning fundamentals
The Transportation Planning Handbook is a comprehensive, practice-oriented reference that presents the fundamental concepts of transportation planning alongside proven techniques.

 - Financial Planning Competency Handbook, ebook

Financial Planning Competency Handbook


The official guide for exam success and career excellence
Financial Planning Competency Handbook, Second Edition is the essential reference for those at any stage of certification and a one-stop resource for practitioners looking to better serve

Ehnert, Ina - Sustainable Human Resource Management, ebook

Sustainable Human Resource Management

Ehnert, Ina


Table of contents
2. Introducing Sustainability into HRM
Ina Ehnert
3. Linking the Idea of Sustainability to Strategic HRM
Ina Ehnert
4. Theorising on Strategic HRM from a Sustainability Approach
Ina Ehnert
5. Paradox Theory…