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Manzo, Gianluca - Analytical Sociology: Actions and Networks, ebook

Analytical Sociology: Actions and Networks

Manzo, Gianluca


Demonstrates the power of the theoretical framework of analytical sociology in
explaining a large array of social phenomena
Analytical Sociology: Actions and Networks presents the most advanced theoretical discussion of analytical sociology, along…

Reuschke, Darja - The Economies of Urban Diversity, ebook

The Economies of Urban Diversity

Reuschke, Darja


Residential Segregation and New Inequalities
9. Residential Segregation of Turkish Migrants in the Ruhr Area—Reasons, Patterns and Policies
Darja Reuschke, Sabine Weck
10. European Istanbul and Its Enemies: Istanbul’s

Cheung, Ivan - Geography and Drug Addiction, ebook

Geography and Drug Addiction

Cheung, Ivan


Migration Patterns and Substance Use among Young Homeless Travelers
Stephen E. Lankenau, Bill Sanders, Jennifer Jackson Bloom, Dodi Hathazi, Erica Alarcon, Stephanie Tortu, Michael C. Clatts
6. Residential Mobility and Drug Use Among Parolees in San Diego,