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Runciman, David - Representation, ebook


Runciman, David

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What is representation? What does it mean when a politician represents citizens in government? How can citizens be represented beyond the boundaries of the nation-state?
These are just some of the questions which will be answered by David Runciman and Mónica Brito Vieira as they explain

Orgad, Shani - Media Representation and the Global Imagination, ebook

Media Representation and the Global Imagination

Orgad, Shani


This book is a clear, systematic, original and lively account of how media representations shape the way we see our and others’ lives in a global age. It provides in-depth analysis of a range of international media representations of disaster, war,

Funahashi, Shintaro - Representation and Brain, ebook

Representation and Brain

Funahashi, Shintaro


Invariant Representations of Objects in Natural Scenes in the Temporal Cortex Visual Areas
Edmund T. Rolls
4. Representation of Objects and Scenes in Visual Working Memory in Human Brain
Jun Saiki
Part II. Motor Image and Body Schema
5. Action

Kappeler, Susanne - The Pornography of Representation, ebook

The Pornography of Representation

Kappeler, Susanne


By linking images of actual violence with the imaginative portrayal of women in the realm of the aesthetic, she establishes vital connections between modes of representation and social forms of power and domination.
It is essential reading for anyone concerned

Arya, Rina - Abjection and Representation, ebook

Abjection and Representation

Arya, Rina


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rina Arya
2. Unpacking Abjection
Rina Arya
3. A Cultural History of Abjection
Rina Arya
4. Recovering the Sacred: The Abject Body
Rina Arya
5. Abjection in the Visual Arts

Thumim, Nancy - Self-Representation and Digital Culture, ebook

Self-Representation and Digital Culture

Thumim, Nancy


Introduction: Self-Representation and Digital Culture
Nancy Thumim
2. Histories of Self-Representation
Nancy Thumim
3. Mediation
Nancy Thumim
4. Broadcasters
Nancy Thumim
5. Museums and Art Worlds
Nancy Thumim
6. Self-Representation

Hayashi, Masahito - Group Representation for Quantum Theory, ebook

Group Representation for Quantum Theory

Hayashi, Masahito


Foundation of Representation Theory of Lie Group and Lie Algebra
Masahito Hayashi
4. Representations of Typical Lie Groups and Typical Lie Algebras
Masahito Hayashi
5. Application to Physical Systems
Masahito Hayashi
6. Representation of General