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Johansson, Ingegärd - Surfactants from Renewable Resources, ebook

Surfactants from Renewable Resources

Johansson, Ingegärd


However the majority are synthesised from petroleum, so over the past decade the detergent industry has turned its attention to developing greener routes to create these surfactants via renewable building blocks.
Surfactants from Renewable

Jenssen, Till - Glances at Renewable and Sustainable Energy, ebook

Glances at Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Jenssen, Till


Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis of Renewable Heating Supply Technologies in Germany
Daniel Zech
4. Ecological Footprint: The Example of Gauteng Region
Enver Doruk Özdemir, Sheetal Dattatraya Marathe
5. Social Costs of On-Shore Wind Energy in Europe

Copping, Andrea - Marine Renewable Energy, ebook

Marine Renewable Energy

Copping, Andrea


Wave Energy Resources Along the European Atlantic Coast
Philippe Gleizon, Francisco Campuzano, Pablo Carracedo, André Martinez, Jamie Goggins, Reduan Atan, Stephen Nash
3. Analyses of Wave Scattering and Absorption Produced by WEC Arrays: Physical/Numerical