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Lampert, Khen - Traditions of Compassion, ebook

Traditions of Compassion

Lampert, Khen


Table of contents
Part I. Divine Compassion
1. The Compassionate God
Khen Lampert
2. Human Divinity
Khen Lampert
3. Seeds of Anti-compassion
Khen Lampert
Part II. Universal Compassion
4. Indiscriminate Compassion

Groves, Beatrice - Texts and Traditions - Religion in Shakespeare 1592-1604, ebook

Texts and Traditions - Religion in Shakespeare 1592-1604

Groves, Beatrice


This book explores Shakespeare's engagement with the religious culture of his time. It unearths previously unrecognised allusions to the Bible and the liturgy as well as to the medieval mystery plays. It argues that we need to unravel the interpretative... Copying to clipboard limited

Zhuo, Xinping - Religious Faith of the Chinese, ebook

Religious Faith of the Chinese

Zhuo, Xinping


The Indigenous Traditions of Chinese Religions
Xinping Zhuo
4. The Localization of World Religions in China
Xinping Zhuo
5. The Religious Culture of the Chinese
Xinping Zhuo
6. The Current State of the Chinese

Schweiker, William - The Blackwell Companion to Religious Ethics, ebook

The Blackwell Companion to Religious Ethics

Schweiker, William


Now available in paperback, this is a rich resource for understanding the moral teachings and practices of the world’s religions Includes detailed discussions of issues in moral theory Offers extensive treatment of the world’s major religious traditions,

Bucar, Elizabeth M. - Religious Ethics in a Time of Globalism, ebook

Religious Ethics in a Time of Globalism

Bucar, Elizabeth M.


Cultures of Comparison and Traditions of Scholarship: Holism and Inculturation in Religious Ethics
David A. Clairmont
6. Three Challenges in the Study of Comparative Ethics and Chinese Thought
Erin M. Cline
7. Exploring the Korean First Birthday Celebration

Gwynne, Paul - Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad: A Comparative Study, ebook

Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad: A Comparative Study

Gwynne, Paul


This cool, clear-sighted comparative study has no theological axe to grind. It offers a trusty thematic guide to the figureheads of three of the largest religions in the world.The comparative approach is descriptive and even-handed, highlighting both…