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Goshen-Gottstein, Alon - Religious Genius, ebook

Religious Genius

Goshen-Gottstein, Alon


Saints and Religious Geniuses as Inspiration for Character Formation
Alon Goshen-Gottstein
Part III. Responses to “Religious Genius”
11. Religious Geniuses: An Evolving Study by Robert Cummings Neville
Alon Goshen-Gottstein
12. Ultimism and

Gill, Scherto - Redefining Religious Education, ebook

Redefining Religious Education

Gill, Scherto


Is Religious Education Possible?
Richard Pring
3. Educating Persons
Marius C. Felderhof
4. Human Flourishing and a “Right to Education”
Katherine Marshall
5. Spirituality, Education, and Religion for a Human World
Sharif István Horthy

Bucar, Elizabeth M. - Religious Ethics in a Time of Globalism, ebook

Religious Ethics in a Time of Globalism

Bucar, Elizabeth M.


Ethical Formation and Ordinary Life in the Modern West: The Case of Work
Thomas A. Lewis
3. Bodies at the Margins: The Comparative Case of Transsexuality
Elizabeth M. Bucar
4. Engendering Martyrs: Muslim Mothers and Martyrdom
Irene Oh
5. Cultures

Solomon, David - Ritual and the Moral Life, ebook

Ritual and the Moral Life

Solomon, David


Table of contents
1. Ritual as a Cardinal Category of Moral Reality: An Introduction
David Solomon, Ping-Cheung Lo, Ruiping Fan, H. Tristram Engelhardt
2. Ritual as the Creation of Social Reality
Ana S. Iltis
3. Ritual, Virtue, and…

Bogdan, Henrik - Sexuality and New Religious Movements, ebook

Sexuality and New Religious Movements

Bogdan, Henrik


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Sexuality and New Religious Movements
Henrik Bogdan, James R. Lewis
2. Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Empowerment in Mormon Fundamentalist Communities
Jennifer Lara Fagen, Stuart A. Wright
3. Gender among the Branch Davidians
Martha Sonntag Bradley
4. Sex and Gender