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Goshen-Gottstein, Alon - Religious Genius, ebook

Religious Genius

Goshen-Gottstein, Alon


Saints and Religious Geniuses as Inspiration for Character Formation
Alon Goshen-Gottstein
Part III. Responses to “Religious Genius”
11. Religious Geniuses: An Evolving Study by Robert Cummings Neville
Alon Goshen-Gottstein
12. Ultimism and

Quack, Johannes - Religious Indifference, ebook

Religious Indifference

Quack, Johannes


Conceptualising Religious Indifferences in Relation to Religion and Nonreligion
Johannes Quack, Cora Schuh
2. Genealogies of Indifference? New Theoretical Thoughts on the History and Creation of Narratives Surrounding Christianity, Secularism and Indifference

Barrett, Justin L. - Religious Cognition in China, ebook

Religious Cognition in China

Barrett, Justin L.


Reexamining Chinese Religious Exceptionalism
2. Is Chinese (Lack of) Religion Exceptional?
David A. Palmer
3. Chinese Thinking Styles and Religion
Li-Jun Ji, Emily Chan
4. China as the Radical “Other”: Lessons for the Cognitive Science of Religion

Griffiths, Paul J. - Problems of Religious Diversity, ebook

Problems of Religious Diversity

Griffiths, Paul J.


Exploring Religious Diversity analyzes the philosophical questions raised by the fact that many religions in the world often appear to contradict each other in doctrine and practice.

Analyzes the philosophical questions raised by the fact that many religions in the world often

Mathewes, Charles - Understanding Religious Ethics, ebook

Understanding Religious Ethics

Mathewes, Charles


This accessible introduction to religious ethics focuses on the major forms of moral reasoning encompassing the three ‘Abrahamic’ religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Draws on a range of moral issues, such as examples arising from friendship,

Sharma, Arvind - Problematizing Religious Freedom, ebook

Problematizing Religious Freedom

Sharma, Arvind


Anticipations of Religious Freedom in World Religions
Arvind Sharma
9. Attitudes Toward Conversion in World Religions
Arvind Sharma
10. Religions: Missionary and Non-missionary
Arvind Sharma
11. Religions: Eastern and Western—Towards an Asian

Gooren, Henri - Religious Conversion and Disaffiliation, ebook

Religious Conversion and Disaffiliation

Gooren, Henri


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Henri Gooren
2. Approaches to Conversion
Henri Gooren
3. The Conversion Career
Henri Gooren
4. Conversion and the Religious Market
Henri Gooren
5. Stories of Conversion and Disaffiliation
Henri Gooren
6. Conversion Careers in Latin America

Darmody, Merike - Religious Education in a Multicultural Europe, ebook

Religious Education in a Multicultural Europe

Darmody, Merike


Children’s Agency and Religious Identity in Irish Primary Schools
Emer Smyth, Merike Darmody, Maureen Lyons, Kathleen Lynch, Etaoine Howlett
6. Religion and Immigration: The Acculturation Attitudes of Muslim Primary School Children Attending Flemish Schools

Giudice, Christian - Female Leaders in New Religious Movements, ebook

Female Leaders in New Religious Movements

Giudice, Christian


Females’ Subversive Interventions in the Religious Field in Ethiopia
Serawit Bekele Debele
11. Female Leadership in Mudzimu Unoera Sect of Guruve, Zimbabwe
Fortune Sibanda
12. The Politics of the Goddess: Radical/Cultural Feminist Influences of Starhawk’s

Collington, Philip D. - Shakespeare and Religious Change, ebook

Shakespeare and Religious Change

Collington, Philip D.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Shakespeare and Religious Change
Kenneth J. E. Graham
Part I. Shakespeare and Social History: Religion and the Secular
2. Sanctifying the Bourgeoisie: The Cultural Work of The Comedy of Errors
Richard Strier
3. ‘In a Christian Climate’: Religion and Honor in Richard