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Bellebaum, Alfred - Religion, ebook


Bellebaum, Alfred


Table of contents
1. Das Alltägliche der Religion
Robert Hettlage
Part I. Zentrierungen
2. Kontingente Kontingenzbewältigung
Holger Zaborowski
3. Selbststeigerung
Robert Hettlage
Part II. Verzauberungen
4. Hoffnung auf…

Creel, Richard E. - Philosophy of Religion: The Basics, ebook

Philosophy of Religion: The Basics

Creel, Richard E.


Philosophy of Religion: The Basics offers a concise introduction to philosophy of religion, distilling key discussions and concepts of the subject to their succinct essence, providing a truly accessible entry into the subject.
A truly accessible introduction

Clack, Beverley - Philosophy of Religion, ebook

Philosophy of Religion

Clack, Beverley


Clack’s exciting and innovative introduction to the philosophy of religion has been of enormous value to students, as well as providing a bold and refreshing alternative to the standard analytic approaches to the subject. This second edition retains the accessibility

Ward, Graham - True Religion, ebook

True Religion

Ward, Graham


Through reference to plays, poetry, novels, films and painting, this manifesto traces the genealogy of ‘true religion' in the western world and makes six controversial claims about the past, present and future of religion.
Traces a transformation in the way religion

Meister, Chad - Philosophy of Religion, ebook

Philosophy of Religion

Meister, Chad


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Chad Meister
2. Religious Diversity
Chad Meister
3. Concepts of God/Ultimate Reality
Chad Meister
4. Arguments about the Existence of God
Chad Meister
5. Problems of Evil and Suffering
Chad Meister
6. Religion, Science, and Miracles
Chad Meister

Taliaferro, Charles - What is Philosophy of Religion?, ebook

What is Philosophy of Religion?

Taliaferro, Charles


What is the meaning of life, and how might religious faith or doubt impact such meaning? What is the evidence for the existence of God? Is evidence essential for religious faith? What is the relationship between science and religion? What is the relationship between

Calhoun, Craig - Habermas and Religion, ebook

Habermas and Religion

Calhoun, Craig

From 100,45€

To the surprise of many readers, Jürgen Habermas has recently made religion a major theme of his work. Emphasizing both religion's prominence in the contemporary public sphere and its potential contributions to critical thought, Habermas's engagement