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Doerner, Kar - Operations Research Proceedings 2015, ebook

Operations Research Proceedings 2015

Doerner, Kar


Production, Operations Management, Supply Chains, Stochastic Models and Simulation
50. Change Point Detection in Piecewise Stationary Time Series for Farm Animal Behavior Analysis
Sandra Breitenberger, Dmitry Efrosinin, Wolfgang Auer, Andreas Deininger, Ralf

Ishibashi, Koichiro - Low Power and Reliable SRAM Memory Cell and Array Design, ebook

Low Power and Reliable SRAM Memory Cell and Array Design

Ishibashi, Koichiro


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Koichiro Ishibashi
2. Fundamentals of SRAM Memory Cell
Kenichi Osada
3. Electrical Stability (Read and Write Operations)
Masanao Yamaoka, Yasumasa Tsukamoto
4. Low Power Memory Cell Design Technique
Kenichi Osada, Masanao Yamaoka
5. Low-Power Array Design Techniques

Kapur, Kailash C. - Reliability Engineering, ebook

Reliability Engineering

Kapur, Kailash C.

From 136,40€

An Integrated Approach to Product Development
Reliability Engineering presents an integrated approach to the design, engineering, and management of reliability activities throughout the life cycle of a product, including concept, research and development,…

Stocker, Ulrike M. - Operations Research Proceedings 2006, ebook

Operations Research Proceedings 2006

Stocker, Ulrike M.


Table of contents
Part I. GOR Unternehmenspreis 2006
1. Staff and Resource Scheduling at Airports
Ulrich Dorndorf
Part II. GOR Dissertationspreis 2006
2. Produktionsplanung bei Variantenfließfertigung
Nils Boysen
3. Scheduling Buses and School Starting Times
Armin Fügenschuh
4. Dynamisches

Correll, James G. - Gaining Control: Managing Capacity and Priorities, ebook

Gaining Control: Managing Capacity and Priorities

Correll, James G.


This reliable resource includes real solutions for measurable improvements in effectiveness, employee engagement, and morale. Written by leading experts, it’s perfect for anyone who manages production facilities or supply chains and includes updated coverage

Amodeo, Lionel - Recent Developments in Metaheuristics, ebook

Recent Developments in Metaheuristics

Amodeo, Lionel


Hybridization of Branch and Bound Algorithm with Metaheuristics for Designing Reliable Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
Omer Ozkan, Murat Ermis, Ilker Bekmezci
12. A Hybrid MCDM Approach for Supplier Selection with a Case Study
Hanane Assellaou, Brahim

Dhiman, Satinder - Business Administration Education, ebook

Business Administration Education

Dhiman, Satinder


Table of contents
1. Emerging Paradigms in Business Management
1. The Essence of Being There: Wakefulness as a Strategic Leadership Tool
Joan Marques
2. Social Responsibility: Caring for People, Products, Peace, Preservation, and Planet
Satinder Dhiman
3. Measure and Manage: Intangible Assets Metric Standards