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Panik, Michael J. - Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications, ebook

Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications

Panik, Michael J.

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Features recent trends and advances in the theory and techniques used to accurately measure and model growth
Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications features an accessible introduction to growth curve modeling and addresses how to monitor the change in variables over time since

Gumata, Nombulelo - Inflation Dynamics in South Africa, ebook

Inflation Dynamics in South Africa

Gumata, Nombulelo


Persistent Exchange Rate Volatility on the Taylor Curve
Eliphas Ndou, Nombulelo Gumata
5. Inflation Volatility and Non-Linear Effects of Inflation Shocks
Eliphas Ndou, Nombulelo Gumata
6. Exchange Rate Volatility

Marino, Rich - Submerging Markets, ebook

Submerging Markets

Marino, Rich


GDP Growth Rates for Advanced Economies and Selected Emerging Markets including the BRICS
Rich Marino
Part III. The BRICS: Capital Flows Analyses
5. An Analysis of Brazil’s Economy Relative

Smil, Vaclav - Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization, ebook

Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization

Smil, Vaclav


How much further should the affluent world push its material consumption? Does relative dematerialization lead to absolute decline in demand for materials?  These and many other questions are discussed and answered in Making the Modern World: Materials and Dematerialization.

Maz'ya, Vladimir - Sobolev Spaces in Mathematics II, ebook

Sobolev Spaces in Mathematics II

Maz'ya, Vladimir


Sobolev Spaces and their Relatives: Local Polynomial Approximation Approach
Yuri Brudnyi
5. Spectral Stability of Higher Order Uniformly Elliptic Operators
Victor Burenkov, Pier Domenico Lamberti
6. Conductor Inequalities and Criteria for Sobolev-Lorentz

Frey, Bruno S. - Economic Ideas You Should Forget, ebook

Economic Ideas You Should Forget

Frey, Bruno S.


Economic Growth Increases People’s Well-Being
Richard A. Easterlin
16. Big Data Predictions Devoid of Theory
Thomas Ehrmann
17. Government Debts Are a Burden on Future Generations
Reiner Eichenberger
18. Public Spending Reduces Unemployment

Borowitzka, Michael A. - Nineteenth International Seaweed Symposium, ebook

Nineteenth International Seaweed Symposium

Borowitzka, Michael A.


Purification and characterization of a N-acetylglucosaminidase produced by Talaromyces emersonii during growth on algal fucoidan
Elaine O’Connell, Patrick Murray, Charles Piggott, Franck Hennequart, Maria Tuohy
16. Essential role of seaweed cultivation in