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Cooper-Thomas, Helena D. - Relationships in Organizations, ebook

Relationships in Organizations

Cooper-Thomas, Helena D.


Maximizing the Good and Minimizing the Bad: Relationships in Organizations
Rachel L. Morrison, Helena D. Cooper-Thomas
2. Love is in the Air: Romantic Relationships at Work
Fiona M. Wilson
3. Guanxi in Organizations: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on an

Campbell, Lorne - The Science of Intimate Relationships, ebook

The Science of Intimate Relationships

Campbell, Lorne


The Science of Intimate Relationships represents the first interdisciplinary approach to the latest scientific findings relating to human sexual relationships. Offers an unusual degree of integration across topics, which include intimate relationships

Fetscherin, Marc - Consumer Brand Relationships, ebook

Consumer Brand Relationships

Fetscherin, Marc


Brand Relationships with Hockey Teams
Samil A. Aledin
Part III. Measuring and Managing Brand Relationships
9. A New Consumer Brand Relationships Framework
S. Sreejesh, Subhadip Roy
10. Brand Relationships in

Wachs, Kate M. - Relationships For Dummies, ebook

Relationships For Dummies

Wachs, Kate M.


Kate Wachs, Relationships For Dummies is a source of inspiration and ideas on how to find and keep a healthy relationship. Whether you’ve just started dating or have been together with that special someone for years, Dr. Kate can help you: Tell the difference

Cartwright, Roger - Customer Relationships, ebook

Customer Relationships

Cartwright, Roger


This module gives essential insight into all the key sales drivers such as account management, handling complex sales, selling services, FMCG selling, customer relationships and self-development for sales people.