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Pham, Phuc Van - Safety, Ethics and Regulations, ebook

Safety, Ethics and Regulations

Pham, Phuc Van


Travelling Cells: Harmonized European Regulation and the BAMI Stem Cell Trial
Christine Hauskeller, Nicole Baur
9. Oversight and Evidence in Stem Cell Innovation: An Examination of International Guidelines
Tamra Lysaght
10. The Regulation

Boatright, John R. - Finance Ethics: Critical Issues in Theory and Practice, ebook

Finance Ethics: Critical Issues in Theory and Practice

Boatright, John R.


A groundbreaking exploration of the critical ethical issues in financial theory and practice
Compiled by volume editor John Boatright, Finance Ethics consists of contributions from scholars from many different finance disciplines.
It covers key issues in financial markets, financial

Henn, Stephen K. - Business Ethics: A Case Study Approach, ebook

Business Ethics: A Case Study Approach

Henn, Stephen K.


There's a "new normal" in business ethics
Despite all the words and regulations aimed at building ethical and responsible organizations, observed misbehavior has increased-think of the Siemens scandal and Bernie Madoff. Business Ethics: A Case

Silverman, Henry - Research Ethics in the Arab Region, ebook

Research Ethics in the Arab Region

Silverman, Henry


What Kind of Research Ethics for the Arab Region?
Henry Silverman
4. Exploitation and the Matter of History
Robert Wachbroit
5. Research Involving Persons Likely to be Vulnerable
Nahed M. Ali
6. Ethical Issues Involving Informed Consent in the

Sethi, S. Prakash - Globalization and Self-Regulation, ebook

Globalization and Self-Regulation

Sethi, S. Prakash


Self-Regulation through Voluntary Codes of Conduct
S. Prakash Sethi
II. Individual Company-Based Voluntary Codes of Conduct
2. Mattel, Inc., Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP): A Life-Cycle Analysis of a Company’s Voluntary Code of Conduct
S. Prakash

Eko, Lyombe - The Regulation of Sex-Themed Visual Imagery, ebook

The Regulation of Sex-Themed Visual Imagery

Eko, Lyombe


Regulation of Sex-Themed Visual Imagery
10. Regulation of Explicit Visual Sexual Imagery in the United States
Lyombe Eko
11. Pedagogy of the Repressed
Lyombe Eko
12. Sexual Capitalism, Organized Crime, and Explicit, Sex-Themed Visual Imagery

Brink, Alexander - Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, ebook

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Brink, Alexander


Corporate Codes of Ethics: Can Punishments Enhance Their Effectiveness?
Till Talaulicar
6. Corporate Governance at the Chinese Stock Market: How It Evolved
Junhua Tang, Dirk Linowski
7. Philosophical Underpinnings to Corporate Governance: A Collibrational