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Chantavanich, Supang - Refugee and Return, ebook

Refugee and Return

Chantavanich, Supang


Sustainable Return: A Case Study of Refugee Return to Lao PDR in the 1980sā€“1990s
Min Ma, Vongsa Chayavong
3. Myanmar as a Post-conflict Society?
Lahpai Nang Sam Aung, Hkawn Ja Aung
4. Challenges of Reintegration for Returnees in Myanmar
Nwe Ni

Balfour, Michael - Refugee Performance, ebook

Refugee Performance

Balfour, Michael


The title of this book, Refugee Performance, suggests there is a constituency of practices that might be unified under a definite term or god forbid to propose a new field of study. This is far from the intentions of the collection. This collection has grown out of an interest in performance

Doyle, Arthur Conan - The Refugees, ebook

The Refugees

Doyle, Arthur Conan


A fantastic historical novel by the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Set in France during the reign of Louis XIV, the story follows Amory de Catinat, a Huguenot (Protestant) guardsman of the king during a time when France, then predominantly…

Sarker, Shuvro Prosun - Refugee Law in India, ebook

Refugee Law in India

Sarker, Shuvro Prosun


Philosophy of Refugee Protection and Legal Condition of Refugees in India
Shuvro Prosun Sarker
2. Response of Judiciary Towards Refugees in India
Shuvro Prosun Sarker
3. Parliamentary Proceedings, Response of National Human Rights Commission and Institutions

Benvenisti, Eyal - Israel and the Palestinian Refugees, ebook

Israel and the Palestinian Refugees

Benvenisti, Eyal


The Sociology of Return: Palestinian Social Capital, Transnational Kinships and the Refugee Repatriation Process
Sari Hanafi
2. The Spatial Outcome of the 1948 War and Prospects for Return
Arnon Golan
3. Zionist Massacres: the Creation of the Palestinian

Coughlan, Reed - Bosnian Refugees in America, ebook

Bosnian Refugees in America

Coughlan, Reed


Sociological and Social Work Practice: Implications for Humanitarian Work with Refugees in Resettlement

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Panayi, Panikos - Refugees and the End of Empire, ebook

Refugees and the End of Empire

Panayi, Panikos


Imperial Collapse and the Creation of Refugees in Twentieth-Century Europe
Panikos Panayi
2. The End of the European Colonial Empires and Forced Migration: Some Comparative Case Studies
Ian Talbot
3. The Tragedy of the Rimlands, Nation-State Formation

Schmiedel, Ulrich - Religion in the European Refugee Crisis, ebook

Religion in the European Refugee Crisis

Schmiedel, Ulrich


Perceptions of Plurality: The Impact of the Refugee Crisis on the Interpretation of Religious Pluralization in Europe
Gert Pickel
3. Infiltrators, Imposters, or Human Beings? The Slovenian Socio-Political Imaginary, Christianity, and the Responses to the 2015ā€“2016

Jeffers, Alison - Refugees, Theatre and Crisis, ebook

Refugees, Theatre and Crisis

Jeffers, Alison


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Stories, Words and Points of View
Alison Jeffers
2. Refugees, Crisis and Bureaucratic Performance
Alison Jeffers
3. Hosts and Guests: National Performance and the Ethics of Hospitality
Alison Jeffers
4. Taking up Space and Making a Noise: Minority Performances of

Agier, Michel - The Jungle: Calais's Camps and Migrants, ebook

The Jungle: Calais's Camps and Migrants

Agier, Michel


For nearly two decades, the area surrounding the French port of Calais has been a temporary staging post for thousands of migrants and refugees hoping to cross the Channel to Britain. It achieved global attention when, at the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, all those living there were