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Records, India Office - Army of the Sutlej 1845-6 Casualty Roll, ebook

Army of the Sutlej 1845-6 Casualty Roll

Records, India Office


This medal, sanctioned in 1846, was the first campaign award issued to all ranks with clasps, although clasps had been awarded on the Gold Crosses and Medals issued to officers for the peninsular Wars. The basic design of this medal set a precedent in…

Arnold, Barry C. - Records, ebook


Arnold, Barry C.


The first and only comprehensive guide to modern record theory and its applications
Although it is often thought of as a special topic in order statistics, records form a unique area, independent of the study of sample extremes. Interest in records

Wilson, Donald A. - Interpreting Land Records, ebook

Interpreting Land Records

Wilson, Donald A.


Base retracement on solid research and historically accurate interpretation
Interpreting Land Records is the industry’s most complete guide to researching and understanding the historical records germane to land surveying. Coverage includes

Thomas, Terry - Criminal Records, ebook

Criminal Records

Thomas, Terry


Criminal Records — Their Role and Purpose
Terry Thomas
5. The ‘Spent’ Criminal Record
Terry Thomas
6. Criminal Records and Employment Screening
Terry Thomas
7. The Criminal Records Bureau

Al-Ubaydli, Mohammad - Personal Health Records: A Guide for Clinicians, ebook

Personal Health Records: A Guide for Clinicians

Al-Ubaydli, Mohammad


Patient-controlled personal health records are the key to successful interaction between physician and patient. They form the core for joined-up communication throughout health organizations. Still, the very name is capable of alarming both patient and doctor. Are they reliable? Are they

Skolnik, Neil S. - Electronic Medical Records, ebook

Electronic Medical Records

Skolnik, Neil S.


Table of contents
1. Meaningful Use of Health Information Technology: What Does it Mean for Practicing Physicians?
Catherine M. DesRoches, Paola D. Miralles
2. A View from the Trenches: Primary Care Physicians on Electronic Health Records

Rinaldi, Giovanni - New Perspectives in Medical Records, ebook

New Perspectives in Medical Records

Rinaldi, Giovanni


EHR, EPR, PS, PHR: Different Medical Records for Different Aims: Roles of Doctors, Patients, and Institutions
Giovanni Rinaldi
2. An Infrastructural Approach to Clinical Information
Mike Martin
3. From Big Data to Big Insights: The Role of Platforms