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Record, Neil - Currency Overlay, ebook

Currency Overlay

Record, Neil


Currency overlay is the management of the currency exposure inherent in cross-border institutional investments. Exposure to foreign currencies increases the volatility of their returns, without increasing the returns themselves and academics and consultants recommended that the currency exposure should be stripped out of international

Records, India Office - Army of the Sutlej 1845-6 Casualty Roll, ebook

Army of the Sutlej 1845-6 Casualty Roll

Records, India Office


This medal, sanctioned in 1846, was the first campaign award issued to all ranks with clasps, although clasps had been awarded on the Gold Crosses and Medals issued to officers for the peninsular Wars. The basic design of this medal set a precedent in…

 - Records Management For Dummies, ebook

Records Management For Dummies


This book provides an overview of records management solutions and implementation strategies in plain, non-technical English. Step-by-step instructions show you how to begin managing records and information and how to maintain

Strong, Jeff - PC Recording Studios For Dummies, ebook

PC Recording Studios For Dummies

Strong, Jeff


Here's how to make sound decisions about a desktop studio
Get the lowdown on equipment, design your studio space, and set your music free!
If you've been dreaming of making music with your computer, wake up and get started! Musician Jeff Strong clears a path for you through all the confusing options, helping you

Strong, Jeff - Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies, ebook

Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies

Strong, Jeff


Save studio fees with pro-quality recording at home
Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies offers simple explanations on how to record music in a home studio, no matter your style, method, or sound. With expert guidance every step of the way, you'll find the answers to your questions

Strong, Jeff - Home Recording For Musician For Dummies, ebook

Home Recording For Musician For Dummies

Strong, Jeff


Tune in to this fun and friendly guide and get great sounds!
If you're ready to record your own musical masterpiece, then you need this fun and friendly guide. Updated to cover the latest technologies and recording techniques, this new edition shows