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Isaakyan, Irina - High-Skill Migration and Recession, ebook

High-Skill Migration and Recession

Isaakyan, Irina


Table of contents
Part I. Female High-Skill Migration: Concepts and Dynamics
1. Female High-Skill Migration in the 21st Century: The Challenge of the Recession
Irina Isaakyan, Anna Triandafyllidou
2. European Policies to Attract Talent:…

Peláez, Carlos A. - The Global Recession Risk, ebook

The Global Recession Risk

Peláez, Carlos A.


Table of contents
1. Leading Essay: Lessons from Adjustment of the Current Account
Richard T. McCormack
2. Introduction, Scope and Content
Carlos M. Peláez, Carlos A. Peláez
3. Policy Contributions
Carlos M. Peláez, Carlos A.…

Tozzo, Brandon - American Hegemony after the Great Recession, ebook

American Hegemony after the Great Recession

Tozzo, Brandon


Table of contents
1. An American Crisis; A Global Recession
Brandon Tozzo
2. The Great Wars and the Post-war Consensus 1914–1979
Brandon Tozzo
3. The Neoliberal Orthodoxy 1979–2000
Brandon Tozzo
4. A Crisis in the European…

Preston, P. W. - England after the Great Recession, ebook

England after the Great Recession

Preston, P. W.


Table of contents
1. England: Place, Trajectory
P. W. Preston
2. War and Memory: Shifting Recollection down the Generations
P. W. Preston
3. Changing Political Relationships: Europe and the USA in the Early 21st Century
P. W. Preston