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Evans, Eric - Implementing E-Procurement, ebook

Implementing E-Procurement

Evans, Eric


Whether you believe it is the second industrial revolution or merely an over-hyped offering from the software industry, e-procurement is upon us. Something that has been around in various forms for more than ten years in a small way, has now accelerated…

Altreuter, Emily - Sweet Reason: A Field Guide to Modern Logic, ebook

Sweet Reason: A Field Guide to Modern Logic

Altreuter, Emily

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Sweet Reason: A Field Guide to Modern Logic, 2nd Edition offers an innovative, friendly, and effective introduction to logic. It integrates formal first order, modal, and non-classical logic with natural language reasoning, analytical writing, critical

Cooper, Nicola - ABC of Clinical Reasoning, ebook

ABC of Clinical Reasoning

Cooper, Nicola


Being a good clinician is not just about knowledge – how doctors and other healthcare professionals think, reason and make decisions is arguably their most critical skill. While medical schools and postgraduate training programmes teach and assess the knowledge and skills required to practice

Fives, Allyn - Political Reason, ebook

Political Reason

Fives, Allyn


Introduction — Political Reason after the Enlightenmen
Allyn Fives
2. Reason and Tradition
Allyn Fives
3. Reason and Faith
Allyn Fives
4. Agonism
Allyn Fives
5. Reasonableness
Allyn Fives
6. Civic Education for Democracy

Peczenik, Aleksander - On Law and Reason, ebook

On Law and Reason

Peczenik, Aleksander


The Dilemma of Legal Reasoning: Moral Evaluation or Description of the Law?
2. Rationality of Moral Judgments
3. Rationality of Legal Reasoning
4. The Ultimate Justification of Moral and Legal Reasoning
5. What is Valid Law?
6. The Doctrine of the Sources

Poston, Ted - Reason and Explanation, ebook

Reason and Explanation

Poston, Ted


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ted Poston
2. Epistemic Conservatism
Ted Poston
3. Reasons without First Philosophy
Ted Poston
4. Explanation and Justification
Ted Poston
5. BonJour and the Myth of the Given
Ted Poston
6. Is Foundational A Priori Justification Indispensable?

Preston, John - Wittgenstein and Reason, ebook

Wittgenstein and Reason

Preston, John


This volume discusses Wittgenstein’s work, as well as his oeuvre in general, and its implications for the nature of reason. Investigates the nature of reason which has always been a topic at the very heart of Western philosophy Analyses how

Bakhurst, David - The Formation of Reason, ebook

The Formation of Reason

Bakhurst, David


In The Formation of Reason, philosophy professor David Bakhurst utilizes ideas from philosopher John McDowell to develop and defend a socio-historical account of the human mind.Provides the first detailed examination of the relevance of John McDowell's work to the Philosophy of EducationDraws