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Harman, Graham - Speculative Realism: An Introduction, ebook

Speculative Realism: An Introduction

Harman, Graham


On April 27, 2007, the first Speculative Realism (SR) workshop was held at Goldsmiths, University of London, featuring four young philosophers whose ideas were loosely allied. Over the ensuing decade, the ideas of SR spread from philosophy to the arts, architecture, and numerous disciplines

Souter, Gerry - American Realism, ebook

American Realism

Souter, Gerry


Urban realism, snow-covered streets of New York, boxing matches, children on the banks of a river, the painters of the Ash Can School preferred realistic images. Their paintings are a true hymn to noise and sensations. This unconventional movement enabled the birth of a true national artistic

Landry, Elaine - Structural Realism, ebook

Structural Realism

Landry, Elaine


Table of contents
1. The Presentation of Objects and the Representation of Structure
Steven French
2. Methodological Structural Realism
Elaine M. Landry
3. How Not to Be a Realist
Ioannis Votsis
4. Miracles and Structural Realism
John Worrall
5. Underdetermination as a Path to Structural Realism

Armstrong, Melanie - Environmental Realism, ebook

Environmental Realism

Armstrong, Melanie


Table of contents
1. Why Challenge Solutions?
Kristan Cockerill, Melanie Armstrong, Jennifer Richter, Jordan G. Okie
2. River Management and Restoration: Addressing Yesterday’s Solutions
Kristan Cockerill, Melanie Armstrong, Jennifer…

Ginev, Dimitri - Hermeneutic Realism, ebook

Hermeneutic Realism

Ginev, Dimitri


Table of contents
1. Introductory Chapter: On the Very Idea of Hermeneutic Realism
Dimitri Ginev
2. The Production of Objectified Factuality Within the Facticity of Scientific Inquiry
Dimitri Ginev
3. Intermediate Reflections: Reflexivity…

Midgley, Mary - Earthy Realism, ebook

Earthy Realism

Midgley, Mary


GAIA, named after the ancient Greek mother-goddess, is the notion that the Earth and the life on it form an active, self-maintaining whole. By its use of personification it attacks the view that the physical world is inert and lifeless. It has a scientific…

Albertazzi, Liliana - Immanent Realism, ebook

Immanent Realism

Albertazzi, Liliana


Table of contents
Liliana Albertazzi
1. A life, a novel
Liliana Albertazzi
2. Brentano and Aristotle
Liliana Albertazzi
3. Psychology from an empirical standpoint
Liliana Albertazzi
4. Metaphysics and…

Mello, Cecília - Realism and the Audiovisual Media, ebook

Realism and the Audiovisual Media

Mello, Cecília


World Cinema: Realism, Evidence, Presence
Thomas Elsaesser
2. Whither Realism? Bazin Reconsidered
Leighton Grist
3. Brecht, Realism and the Media
Marc Silberman
4. Melodrama as Realism

Molloy, Seán - The Hidden History of Realism, ebook

The Hidden History of Realism

Molloy, Seán


Square Pegs and Round Holes: Forcing Realism into a Paradigm and Keeping It There
Seán Molloy
3. Realism as Contramodern Critique
Seán Molloy
4. E.H. Carr and the Complexity of Power Politics
Seán Molloy
5. The Realist Truths of Hans Morgenthau

Agazzi, Evandro - Varieties of Scientific Realism, ebook

Varieties of Scientific Realism

Agazzi, Evandro


The Debates on Scientific Realism Today: Knowledge and Objectivity in Science
Mario Alai
3. The Truth of Theories and Scientific Realism
Evandro Agazzi
Part I. Realism and Antirealism
4. Strict Empiricism Versus Explanation in Science
Alan Musgrave