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Drake, Jeanette L. - New Trends in Earth-Science Outreach and Engagement, ebook

New Trends in Earth-Science Outreach and Engagement

Drake, Jeanette L.


Table of contents
Part I. Framing Climate Change
1. Assessing Corporate Influence on Climate Change Dialogue
Gretchen Goldman, Francesca Grifo, Paul Rogerson, Benjamin L. Gutman
2. Reaching Out Beyond the Usual Suspects and Traditional Media: Re-branding Climate Change as a Problem with a Feasible Solution

Hirschheim, Rudy - Information Systems Outsourcing, ebook

Information Systems Outsourcing

Hirschheim, Rudy


Promoting Trust and Relationship Commitment through Service Level Agreements in IT Outsourcing Relationship
Jahyun Goo
3. Exploring the Role of Initial Trust, Initial Distrust, and Trust through Knowledge Sharing in IT Outsourcing: From a Service Receiver's