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Re, Renzo Brun del - Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsies, ebook

Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsies

Re, Renzo Brun del


Sonographically Guided Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy Using Handheld Mammotome
Luc Steyaert, Filip Kerkhove, Jan W. Casselman
4. The Vacora Biopsy System
R. Schulz-Wendtl
5. Available Stereotactic Systems for Breast Biopsy
Ossi R. Köchli

Sabonnadi?re, Jean-Claude - Renewable Energy Technologies, ebook

Renewable Energy Technologies

Sabonnadi?re, Jean-Claude


This book deals with the emerging generation of renewable energy technologies, covering solar energy (photovoltaic, thermal and thermodynamic energy conversion), wind energy, marine energy, small hydropower, geothermal energy, biofuels, biogas and the use of wood as a substitute for fossil

Guinebreti?re, Ren? - X-Ray Diffraction by Polycrystalline Materials, ebook

X-Ray Diffraction by Polycrystalline Materials

Guinebreti?re, Ren?


Part 2 then provides a detailed analysis of the instruments used for the characterization of powdered materials or thin films. The description of the processing of measured signals and their results is also covered, as are recent developments relating to quantitative

Gaglio, Salvatore - Advances onto the Internet of Things, ebook

Advances onto the Internet of Things

Gaglio, Salvatore


A Fuzzy Adaptive Controller for an Ambient Intelligence Scenario
Alessandra De Paola, Giuseppe Lo Re, Antonio Pellegrino
5. Design of an Adaptive Bayesian System for Sensor Data Fusion
Alessandra De Paola, Luca Gagliano
6. A Heterogeneous Sensor and

Re, Enrico Del - Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems, ebook

Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems

Re, Enrico Del


Analysis of GNSS Signals using the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope
Marco Pini, Dennis M. Akos
22. First Results on Acquisition and Tracking of the GIOVE-A Signal-in-Space
Fabio Dovis, Marco Pini, Andrea Tomatis
23. Precise Time Technology for Galileo

Hadjsa?d, Nouredine - Smart Grids, ebook

Smart Grids

Hadjsa?d, Nouredine


It also looks at the level of control required: power flow assessment, voltage control and protection require cost-competitive technologies and new communication systems with more sensors and actuators than presently used, certainly in relation to the distribution