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Ginosar, Ran - The NeuroProcessor, ebook

The NeuroProcessor

Ginosar, Ran


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yevgeny Perelman, Ran Ginosar
2. Recording From Biological Neural Networks
Yevgeny Perelman, Ran Ginosar
3. The Neuroprocessor
Yevgeny Perelman, Ran Ginosar
4. Integrated Front-End for Neuronal Recording
Yevgeny Perelman, Ran Ginosar
5. NPR03: Mixed-Signal

Anbar, Ran D - Functional Respiratory Disorders, ebook

Functional Respiratory Disorders

Anbar, Ran D


Table of contents
1. What Is a Functional Respiratory Disorder?
Ran D. Anbar, Howard R. Hall
2. Functional Aspects of an Organic Respiratory Disorder: Cystic Fibrosis
Dewey G. Meyers, Ran D. Anbar
3. Chest Pain
Dilip R. Patel
4. Dyspnea
Douglas N. Homnick
5. The Habit Cough Syndrome and Its

Therborn, Göran - The World: A Beginner's Guide, ebook

The World: A Beginner's Guide

Therborn, Göran


What is the world of the 21st century like now that the centrality of the West is no longer given? How were the societies and cultures of today's world together with their interconnections forged, and what is driving human society in our times? In short,…

Shi, Jie - Substance and Non-substance Addiction, ebook

Substance and Non-substance Addiction

Shi, Jie


Table of contents
Part I. Overview of Substance and Non-substance Addictions
1. Received View of Addiction, Relapse and Treatment
Yamikani Ndasauka, Zhengde Wei, Xiaochu Zhang
2. Definition of Substance and Non-substance Addiction
Zhiling Zou, Huijun Wang, Federico d’Oleire Uquillas, Xiaomei Wang, Jianrui