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Butin, Dan W. - Service-Learning in Higher Education, ebook

Service-Learning in Higher Education

Butin, Dan W.


Table of contents
Section I. The Micro-Politics and Micro-Practices of Service-Learning
1. Getting Inside the “Underside” of Service-Learning: Student Resistance and Possibilities
Susan Jones, Jen Gilbride-Brown, Anna Gasiorski
2. “Whose School is it Anyway?” Student Voices in an Urban Classroom

Bethea, Sharon L. - Black Women's Liberatory Pedagogies, ebook

Black Women's Liberatory Pedagogies

Bethea, Sharon L.


Black Women Academics and Senior Managers Resisting Gendered Racism in British Higher Education Institutions
Cecile Wright, Uvanney Maylor, Valerie Watson
5. Stories of Migration: Passing Through, Crossing Over, and Decolonial

Noblit, George W. - International Handbook of Urban Education, ebook

International Handbook of Urban Education

Noblit, George W.


Urban Education in Africa: Section Editors' Introduction
Kevin Brennan, Julius Nyang’oro
2. Urbanization and Schooling in Africa: Trends, Issues, and Challenges from Ghana during the Colonial Era
Kwabena Dei Ofori-Attah
3. Language Education

Klau, Max - Race and Social Change: A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action, ebook

Race and Social Change: A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action

Klau, Max


A powerful study illuminates our nation's collective civic fault lines
Recent events have turned the spotlight on the issue of race in modern America, and the current cultural climate calls out for more research, education, dialogue, and understanding. Race and Social Change: A Quest,

Guerrero, Lisa - Teaching Race in the Twenty-First Century, ebook

Teaching Race in the Twenty-First Century

Guerrero, Lisa


Teaching the “Ism” in Racism, or, How to Transform Student Resistance
Robin Mangino
4. Minor Concerns: The (Im)Possibilities of Critical Race Pedagogies
C. Richard King
5. An “Oriental Yankee” in Dixie; or Thinking Diversely about Diversity

Malott, Curry S. - Radical Voices for Democratic Schooling, ebook

Radical Voices for Democratic Schooling

Malott, Curry S.


The Echoing of Dissident Voices against the Darkness of Neoliberalism, Capitalism, and Racism: Toward a Democratic School System and Just Society
2. Class Struggle Unchained: An Interview with Peter McLaren
Pierre W. Orelus, Curry S. Malott
3. Neoliberalism