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Ducey, Kimberley - Systemic Racism, ebook

Systemic Racism

Ducey, Kimberley


Systemic Racism: Sociolegal and Sociocultural Implications
Roy L. Brooks
7. Criminalization of Blackness: Systemic Racism and the Reproduction of Racial Inequality in the US Criminal Justice System
Marcus Bell

Burke, Meghan - Colorblind Racism, ebook

Colorblind Racism

Burke, Meghan


How can colorblindness – the idea that race does not matter – be racist? This illuminating book introduces the paradox of colorblind racism: how dismissing or downplaying the realities of race and racism can perpetuate inequality and violence.

Atie, Rosalie - Cyber Racism and Community Resilience, ebook

Cyber Racism and Community Resilience

Atie, Rosalie


Researching Cyber Racism: Methodologies and Methods Across Disciplines
Andrew Jakubowicz, Kevin Dunn, Gail Mason, Yin Paradies, Ana-Maria Bliuc, Nasya Bahfen, Andre Oboler, Rosalie Atie, Karen Connelly
3. How Cyber Users Experience and Respond to Racism:

Romm, Norma - New Racism, ebook

New Racism

Romm, Norma


Conceptualizing New Racism in Relation to Old-Fashioned Racism: Concepts and Research Approaches
Norma Romm
3. Experimental Research: Studying Variables to Examine Causal Effects in Terms of Mitigating Against the Potential

Bruckner, Pascal - An Imaginary Racism: Islamophobia and Guilt, ebook

An Imaginary Racism: Islamophobia and Guilt

Bruckner, Pascal


There are already more than enough forms of racism; there is no need to imagine more. While all violence directed against Muslims is to be strongly condemned and punished, defining these acts as ‘Islamophobic’ rather than criminal does more to damage Islam and

Weber, Jean-Jacques - Language Racism, ebook

Language Racism

Weber, Jean-Jacques


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jean-Jacques Weber
Part I. Part I
2. The Language Racist
Jean-Jacques Weber
Part II. Separating Fact from Fiction
3. What Is a Language?
Jean-Jacques Weber
4. Language and Identity

Perry, Richard J. - “Race” and Racism, ebook

“Race” and Racism

Perry, Richard J.


Table of contents
1. “Race”: Fact or Artifact?
Richard J. Perry
2. The Biology of Human Variance
Richard J. Perry
3. Internal Cohesion and Social Boundaries
Richard J. Perry
4. How Did It Start?
Richard J. Perry

Zakharov, Nikolay - Race and Racism in Russia, ebook

Race and Racism in Russia

Zakharov, Nikolay


Global Racisms and Racism in Russia: An Introduction
Nikolay Zakharov
2. Race and Racism in the Russian Past
Nikolay Zakharov
3. Race, Racialization and Racism:

Law, Ian - Post-Soviet Racisms, ebook

Post-Soviet Racisms

Law, Ian


Table of contents
1. The Logics and Legacy of Soviet Racialization
Nikolay Zakharov, Ian Law
2. Racisms in the Baltic States: Exclusive Nations
Nikolay Zakharov, Ian Law, Minna Harjo
3. Racism in Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine
Nikolay Zakharov, Ian Law, Aliaksei Lastouski
4. Racisms in the Southern

Law, Ian - Red Racisms, ebook

Red Racisms

Law, Ian


Racial Proletarianisation and After: Anti-Roma Racism in Central and Eastern Europe
Ian Law
3. Cuba: The Raceless Nation
Ian Law
4. Racial Sinicisation: Han Power and Racial and Ethnic Domination in China
Ian Law
5. Red Racisms