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Altman, Dennis - Queer Wars, ebook

Queer Wars

Altman, Dennis


The claim that ?LGBT rights are human rights? encounters fierce opposition in many parts of the world, as governments and religious leaders have used resistance to ?LGBT rights? to cast themselves as defenders of

Ferguson, Roderick A. - One-Dimensional Queer, ebook

One-Dimensional Queer

Ferguson, Roderick A.


The story of gay rights has long been told as one of single-minded focus on the fight for sexual freedom. Yet its origins are much more complicated than this single-issue interpretation would have us believe, and to ignore gay liberation's multidimensional beginnings is to drastically underestimate

Stulberg, Lisa M. - LGBTQ Social Movements, ebook

LGBTQ Social Movements

Stulberg, Lisa M.


In recent years, there has been substantial progress on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights in the United States. We are now, though, in a time of incredible political uncertainty for queer people. LGBTQ Social Movements provides

Ammaturo, Francesca Romana - European Sexual Citizenship, ebook

European Sexual Citizenship

Ammaturo, Francesca Romana


Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights: A European Perspective
Francesca Romana Ammaturo
3. Sexual Citizenship: From Social Inclusion to Political Contestation
Francesca Romana Ammaturo
4. “The Pink Agenda ”: The Challenges of Promoting

Garritano, Carmela - A Companion to African Cinema, ebook

A Companion to African Cinema

Garritano, Carmela


The text explores a wide range of broad topics including: cinematic economics, video movies, life in cinematic urban Africa, reframing human rights, as well as more targeted topics such as the linguistic domestication of Indian films in the Hausa language and the importance