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Bouabana-Tebibel, Thouraya - Quality Software Through Reuse and Integration, ebook

Quality Software Through Reuse and Integration

Bouabana-Tebibel, Thouraya


Table of contents
1. On the Tractable Acquisition of Heuristics for Software Synthesis Demonstrating that P~NP
Stuart H. Rubin, Thouraya Bouabana-Tebibel, William K. Grefe
2. An Approach Transmutation-Based in Case-Based Reasoning
Thouraya Bouabana-Tebibel, Stuart H. Rubin, Yasmine Hoadjli, Idriss Benaziez

Al-Haddad, Kamal - Power Quality: Problems and Mitigation Techniques, ebook

Power Quality: Problems and Mitigation Techniques

Al-Haddad, Kamal


Maintaining a stable level of power quality in the distribution network is a growing challenge due to increased use of power electronics converters in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Power quality deterioration is manifested in increased

Gaddi, Antonio - eHealth, Care and Quality of Life, ebook

eHealth, Care and Quality of Life

Gaddi, Antonio


Table of contents
1. The Debate Over eHealth
Antonio Vittorino Gaddi, Fabio Capello
2. Definitions of eHealth
Scott G. Cunningham, Deborah J. Wake, Annalu Waller, Andrew D. Morris
3. An Introduction to the Technological Basis of eHealth

Ahram, Tareq - Intelligent Human Systems Integration, ebook

Intelligent Human Systems Integration

Ahram, Tareq


Continuous Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) Improvement via Human System Integration and Customer Change
Robert A. Sharples
10. Injecting Digitized Knowledge into the Technical Support Dialog
Don Allen
11. Artificial Intelligence and Interaction

Liebl, Johannes - Grid Integration of Electric Mobility, ebook

Grid Integration of Electric Mobility

Liebl, Johannes


The market integration of electric vehicles – how SchwarmMobilität® creates purchasing incentives and stabilizes power grids
Gero Lücking
4. Case study – China’s regulatory impact on electric mobility development and the effects on power generation