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Dill, David D. - Public Policy for Academic Quality, ebook

Public Policy for Academic Quality

Dill, David D.


Education Quality Audit as Applied in Hong Kong
William F. Massy
12. The German System of Accreditation
Barbara M. Kehm
13. The Accreditation and Quality Processes of the General Medical Council in the UK

Anderson, Ronald E. - Human Suffering and Quality of Life, ebook

Human Suffering and Quality of Life

Anderson, Ronald E.


Table of contents
1. Conceptualizing Human Pain and Suffering
Ronald E. Anderson
2. Narrative Accounts of the Agony of Suffering
Ronald E. Anderson
3. Statistical Portrait of Suffering in America
Ronald E. Anderson
4. Suffering…

Allen, Davina - The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality, ebook

The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality

Allen, Davina


The Sociology of Healthcare Safety and Quality presents a series of research-informed readings on the sociological contributions of technologies, practices, experiences, and organizational quality and safety across a range of healthcare contexts. Represents

Pharino, C. - Sustainable Water Quality Management Policy, ebook

Sustainable Water Quality Management Policy

Pharino, C.


Table of contents
1. Background
2. Concept, Framework and Considerations for Water Quality Trading
3. Overview of Observations in Water Quality Trading
4. Potential Role of Trading in Water Area
5. Conclusion

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Eckermann, Elizabeth - Gender, Lifespan and Quality of Life, ebook

Gender, Lifespan and Quality of Life

Eckermann, Elizabeth


Gender Dimensions of Life Quality for Adults in Australia
Robert A. Cummins
4. Chasing the ‘Good Life’: Gender Differences in Work Aspirations of American Men and Women
Anke C. Plagnol
5. Gender Dimensions of Quality

Jain, Charu - Quality of Secondary Education in India, ebook

Quality of Secondary Education in India

Jain, Charu


Literature on School Education, Quality, and Outcomes: A Review
Charu Jain, Narayan Prasad
4. Conceptual Framework of the Study
Charu Jain, Narayan Prasad
Part II. Research Methodology and Study Methods
5. Secondary Education: Sampling Procedure

Acedo, Clementina - Quality and Qualities, ebook

Quality and Qualities

Acedo, Clementina


A New Government’s Policy Initiatives For School Reform in Korea
Chong Jae Lee
6. Improving Educational Quality Through English-Medium Instruction in Mathematics and Science
Geok Hwa Kee
7. The Development of

Taylor, Eric - Air Quality Management, ebook

Air Quality Management

Taylor, Eric


The State of Air Quality in Canada: National Patterns
Jeffrey R. Brook, Tom F. Dann, Elisabeth Galarneau, Dennis Herod, Jean Pierre Charland
4. Long-Range Transport of Air Pollutants and Regional and Global Air Quality Modelling
Michael D. Moran, Ashu