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Nathwani, J. S. - Engineering Decisions for Life Quality, ebook

Engineering Decisions for Life Quality

Nathwani, J. S.


Table of contents
1. The Societal Capacity to Commit Resources
2. Social Indicators for Managing Risk
3. Judging Risks Using the Life Quality Method
4. Air Quality Standards
5. Nuclear Safety
6. Port Cities with High Exposure to Flood
7. Optimal Design of a Flood Protection Levee
8. Closure

Wankhade, Lalit - Quality Uncertainty and Perception, ebook

Quality Uncertainty and Perception

Wankhade, Lalit


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lalit Wankhade, Balaji Dabade
2. Quality Uncertainty Due to Information Asymmetry
Lalit Wankhade, Balaji Dabade
3. Perceived Quality Through Time
Lalit Wankhade, Balaji Dabade
4. Quality Uncertainty and Quality Perception
Lalit Wankhade, Balaji Dabade
5. Root

Marans, Robert W. - Investigating Quality of Urban Life, ebook

Investigating Quality of Urban Life

Marans, Robert W.


Objective Measurement of Quality of Life Using Secondary Data Analysis
Robert Stimson, Robert W. Marans
3. Subjective Measurement of Quality of Life Using Primary Data Collection and the Analysis of Survey Data