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Rother, Kristian - Pro Python Best Practices, ebook

Pro Python Best Practices

Rother, Kristian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kristian Rother
Part I. Debugging
2. Exceptions in Python
Kristian Rother
3. Semantic Errors in Python
Kristian Rother
4. Debugging with the Scientific Method
Kristian Rother
5. Debugging with print Statements
Kristian Rother
6. Debugging with Introspection

 - Java For Dummies, ebook

Java For Dummies


Explores how the new version of Java offers more robust functionality and new features such as closures to keep Java competitive with more syntax-friendly languages like Python and Ruby Covers object-oriented programming basics

Burd, Barry - Java For Dummies, ebook

Java For Dummies

Burd, Barry


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