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Jameson, Amber - Sweet Punishment, ebook

Sweet Punishment

Jameson, Amber


Punishment for Humility is swift at the hands of Baron Samedi, the voodoo god of Death. And when cane fires later destroy two neighbouring plantations, Humility is offered as a sacrifice to appease Papa Zaca, the god of the fields...

Ruggiero, Vincenzo - Punishment in Europe, ebook

Punishment in Europe

Ruggiero, Vincenzo


Regression to the Mean: Punishment in the Netherlands
Miranda Boone, René Swaaningen
3. Punishment in Sweden: A Changing Penal Landscape
Hanns Hofer, Henrik Tham
4. Punishment as Politics: The Penal System in England and Wales
Emma Bell

Ortiz, Arabella - Punishment for Poppy, ebook

Punishment for Poppy

Ortiz, Arabella


Caught in a shameful act by a teacher who favours harsh discipline, she is surprised when her punishment spills over into unnatural love. The Headmistress and her depraved Chairman of Governors find out about this, though, and chastise her with lustful zeal. Forced

Ellis, Anthony - The Philosophy of Punishment, ebook

The Philosophy of Punishment

Ellis, Anthony


In this volume, the author sets aside the usual division between theories of punishment that do or do not focus on retribution. In its place he proposes and explores the distinction between internalist and externalist theories. The final chapter discusses the deterrent

Alcott, Louisa M. - Pauline's Passion and Punishment, ebook

Pauline's Passion and Punishment

Alcott, Louisa M.


In Alcott’s Pauline’s Passion and Punishment, the main character, Pauline, receives a letter from Gilbert: he tells her he does not love her anymore, therefore he cannot marry her. Pauline’s heart is turned to stone, she wants revenge and she will never love again. His friend Manuel,

Wringe, Bill - An Expressive Theory of Punishment, ebook

An Expressive Theory of Punishment

Wringe, Bill


Table of contents
Part I. The Paradigmatic Case
1. Punishment: Some Questions Philosophers Ask
Bill Wringe
2. Punishment, Harsh Treatment and Suffering
Bill Wringe
3. Punishment As Expression: Who? What? To Whom?
Bill Wringe
4. Expression, Publicity and Harsh Treatment
Bill Wringe
Part II.

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor - Crime and Punishment, ebook

Crime and Punishment

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor


Dostoyevsky's classic novel 'Crime and Punishment' has been enjoyed around the world for over 140 years. Now you can read this magnificent tale, which follows the story of Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, a student from St. Petersburg, who struggles with the moral dilemma of his plan to kill

 - Reward and Punishment, ebook

Reward and Punishment


" - Reward & Punishment and Læreren "He'd thought about taking Evy to see Chicago that weekend. But suddenly he was sitting in the car in just his shirt with no idea where he was going. But Evy knew..." -