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Bodrogi, P. - LED Lighting: Technology and Perception, ebook

LED Lighting: Technology and Perception

Bodrogi, P.


Promoting the design, application and evaluation of visually and electrically effective LED light sources and luminaires for general indoor lighting as well as outdoor and vehicle lighting, this book combines the

Baron, Elma - Light-Based Therapies for Skin of Color, ebook

Light-Based Therapies for Skin of Color

Baron, Elma


Lasers and Light Therapies for Pigmentation
Malcolm S. Ke
9. Light Therapies for Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma
Katalin Ferenczi, Elma D. Baron
10. Light Treatment and Photodynamic Therapy in Acne Patients with Pigmented Skin
Vicente Torres, Luis Torezan

Ortega-Rivas, Enrique - Non-thermal Food Engineering Operations, ebook

Non-thermal Food Engineering Operations

Ortega-Rivas, Enrique


Table of contents
1. Classification of Food Processing and Preservation Operations
Enrique Ortega-Rivas
2. Common Preliminary Operations: Cleaning, Sorting, Grading
Enrique Ortega-Rivas
3. Handling of Materials in the Food Industry
Enrique Ortega-Rivas
4. Size Reduction
Enrique Ortega-Rivas