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Drauth, Carlo Manuel - DAX-Firms and Human Rights, ebook

DAX-Firms and Human Rights

Drauth, Carlo Manuel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carlo Manuel Drauth
2. Introduction to Topic and Research Question
Carlo Manuel Drauth
3. Literature Review
Carlo Manuel Drauth
4. Theoretical Framework
Carlo Manuel Drauth
5. Methods

Asquer, Alberto - The Political Economy of Local Regulation, ebook

The Political Economy of Local Regulation

Asquer, Alberto


Perspectives on Civil Regulation, Firms, and the Environment
Gary Lynch-Wood, David Williamson, David Horton
8. Economics of Complexity and the Analysis of Local Regulation: The Case of Urban Mobility
Angela Ambrosino, Elena Maggi, Elena Vallino

Chan, T. S. - Multinationals and Global Consumers, ebook

Multinationals and Global Consumers

Chan, T. S.


Global Firms Competing Locally: Management Localization and Subsidiary Performance in China
Geng Cui, T. S. Chan, Shengsheng Huang
5. The Influence of Culture on Budgetary Characteristics and Managerial Effectiveness: An Empirical Investigation of National

Ren, Bingqiang - Chinese Environmental Governance, ebook

Chinese Environmental Governance

Ren, Bingqiang


Firms and Environmental Regulation
5. Environmental Management, Financing, and Performance in Chinese Firms: Evidence from a Nationwide Survey
Xiaojun Li
6. Mind the Gap: The Role of Foreign-Invested Firms

Elbra, Ainsley - Governing African Gold Mining, ebook

Governing African Gold Mining

Elbra, Ainsley


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ainsley Elbra
2. Theoretical Explanations for Firm-Led Governance
Ainsley Elbra
3. A History of Gold Mining in South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania
Ainsley Elbra
4. Private Governance in the Gold Mining Sector
Ainsley Elbra
5. Firms’ Rationales: Public Reporting

Bejakovic, Predrag - The Informal Economy in Global Perspective, ebook

The Informal Economy in Global Perspective

Bejakovic, Predrag


The Interplay Between Formal and Informal Firms and Its Implications on Jobs in Francophone Africa: Case Studies of Senegal and Benin
Ahmadou Aly Mbaye, Nancy Claire Benjamin, Fatou Gueye
13. Governing Informal Payments by Market in the Chinese Healthcare System