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Jones, Colin - Office Markets and Public Policy, ebook

Office Markets and Public Policy

Jones, Colin


Changing business needs brought about by the information technology revolution in recent decades, as well as the drive toward sustainability, require a complete rethink by urban planners and policy makers about the conservation of historical centers and the types and locations of office

Béland, Daniel - Public and Private Social Policy, ebook

Public and Private Social Policy

Béland, Daniel


Balancing Acts: Trends in the Public-Private Mix in Health Care
Debra Street
3. Orienting the Public-Private Mix of Pensions
Patrik Marier, Suzanne Skinner
4. Extensive but Not Inclusive: Health Care and Pensions

Munro, Alistair - Bounded Rationality and Public Policy, ebook

Bounded Rationality and Public Policy

Munro, Alistair


Table of contents
2. Introduction
Alistair Munro
3. Anomalies
Alistair Munro
4. Information, Learning and Markets
Alistair Munro
5. Markets and Reference Dependent Preferences
Alistair Munro
6. Welfare
Alistair Munro
7. Public Policy and Bounded Rationality
Alistair Munro

Adams, David - Planning, Public Policy and Property Markets, ebook

Planning, Public Policy and Property Markets

Adams, David


The focus of this book is on how public policy - and especially the planning system - both shapes and reflects the essential characteristics of land and property markets. It challenges the common misconceptions that

Kii, Masanobu - Technological Innovation and Public Policy, ebook

Technological Innovation and Public Policy

Kii, Masanobu


Automotive Technology and Public Policy in Japan: A Historical Survey
Masayuki Sano, Masanobu Kii, Hiroaki Miyoshi
3. Costs and Benefits of Fuel Economy Regulations: A Comparative Analysis of Automotive Fuel Economy Standards

Barwell, Richard - Macroeconomic Policy after the Crash, ebook

Macroeconomic Policy after the Crash

Barwell, Richard


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Richard Barwell
Part I. Monetary Policy
2. The Lower Bound: To Zero and Beyond
Richard Barwell
3. Quantitative Easing: Bond Buying to the Rescue
Richard Barwell
4. Deflation: The Dog That Didn’t Bark
Richard Barwell
5. The Productivity Puzzle

Goldthau, Andreas - The Handbook of Global Energy Policy, ebook

The Handbook of Global Energy Policy

Goldthau, Andreas


This is the first handbook to provide a global policy perspective on energy, bringing together a diverse range of international energy issues in one volume.Maps the emerging field of global energy policy both for scholars and practitioners; the focus