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Hughes, Owen E. - Public Management and Administration, ebook

Public Management and Administration

Hughes, Owen E.


Public Management and Administration An Introduction In recent years there has been a transformation in the management of the public sector. The rigid, bureaucratic form of public administration

Kim, Pan Suk - Value and Virtue in Public Administration, ebook

Value and Virtue in Public Administration

Kim, Pan Suk


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Value and Virtue in Public Administration
Michiel S. Vries, Pan Suk Kim
2. Governance and Values in Contemporary Public Service
Charles Garofalo
3. Public Virtue Approaches
Berry Tholen
4. Ethics and Globalization in Historical Perspective: The Relevance of Socrates

Bohne, Eberhard - Public Administration and the Modern State, ebook

Public Administration and the Modern State

Bohne, Eberhard


Attending to Mission-extrinsic Public Values in Performance-oriented Administrative Management: A View from the United States
David H. Rosenbloom
3. Europe and the USA: The Uphill Quest for Regulatory Cooperation
John D. Graham
4. What We Seem to Forget

Painter, Martin - Tradition and Public Administration, ebook

Tradition and Public Administration

Painter, Martin


The Napoleonic Administrative Tradition and Public Management Reform in France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain
Edoardo Ongaro
14. Administrative Reform in Sweden: The Resilience of Administrative Tradition?
Jon Pierre
15. In Search of the Shadow

Raczkowski, Konrad - Risk Management in Public Administration, ebook

Risk Management in Public Administration

Raczkowski, Konrad


Multidimensionality of Risk in Public Safety Management Processes
Barbara Kożuch, Katarzyna Sienkiewicz-Małyjurek
6. Early Warning Concept in Identifying Risks in Business Activity
Katarzyna Dohn, Wojciech Zoleński, Adam Gumiński
7. Risk Perception