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Smith, Jeffery - Psychotherapy, ebook


Smith, Jeffery


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jeffery Smith
Part I. How Therapy Works
2. Layers of Pathology
Jeffery Smith
3. The Affect Avoidance Model
Jeffery Smith
4. Avoidance Patterns and Mechanisms
Jeffery Smith
5. How…

Behr, Harold - Group-Analytic Psychotherapy: A Meeting of Minds, ebook

Group-Analytic Psychotherapy: A Meeting of Minds

Behr, Harold


This book offers practitioners, teachers and students of psychotherapy a detailed and comprehensive account of group analysis. It demystifies the workings of analytic groups and looks at the great stretch of issues and tasks confronting the therapist in the practice of group analytic

Mehdipour, Parvin - Cancer Genetics and Psychotherapy, ebook

Cancer Genetics and Psychotherapy

Mehdipour, Parvin


Cancer, Psychotherapy and the Airway
Zahid Hussain Khan
9. Female Reproductive System and Cancer
Natalia Jančárková
10. Cancers of the Endocrine System
Mohammad Amin Tabatabaiefar, Abbas Moridnia, Laleh Shariati
11. A Comprehensive Look at

Macaro, Antonia - Reason, Virtue and Psychotherapy, ebook

Reason, Virtue and Psychotherapy

Macaro, Antonia


Reason, Virtue and Psychotherapy bridges the gap between academic philosophy and real life. It will be of interest to practising counsellors and psychotherapists as well as students and trainees in these areas. Since it is written in a clear, jargon-free style,

Heaton, John M. - Wittgenstein and Psychotherapy, ebook

Wittgenstein and Psychotherapy

Heaton, John M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John M. Heaton
2. Paradoxes
John M. Heaton
3. Scientism
John M. Heaton
4. Logic and Meaning
John M. Heaton
5. Initiate Learning
John M. Heaton
6. The Self and I
John M.…

Avissar, Nissim - Psychotherapy, Society, and Politics, ebook

Psychotherapy, Society, and Politics

Avissar, Nissim


The Alchemy of Psychotherapy: Transforming Discontent into Power
Nissim Avissar
Part III. The Israeli Case
11. Psychotherapy as a Mirror of Society: The Israeli Context
Nissim Avissar
12. Political Dialogues: Critical Analysis of the Psychotherapeutic