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Wright, Elizabeth - Psychoanalytic Criticism: A Reappraisal, ebook

Psychoanalytic Criticism: A Reappraisal

Wright, Elizabeth

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What is psychoanalytic criticism and how can it be justified as a type of criticism in its own right? In this new and thoroughly revised edition of her classic textbook, Elizabeth Wright provides a cogent answer to this question and a wide-ranging introduction to psychoanalytic

Richter, David H. - A Companion to Literary Theory, ebook

A Companion to Literary Theory

Richter, David H.


Introduces readers to the modes of literary and cultural study of the previous half century
A Companion to Literary Theory is a collection of 36 original essays, all by noted scholars in their field, designed to introduce the modes and ideas of contemporary literary and cultural

Bowker, Matthew H. - D.W. Winnicott and Political Theory, ebook

D.W. Winnicott and Political Theory

Bowker, Matthew H.


The Isolation of the True Self and the Problem of Impingement: Implications of Winnicott’s Theory for Social Connection and Political Engagement
David P. Levine
4. The Psychoanalytic Winnicott We Need Now: On the Way

Davis, Lennard - Disability and Social Theory, ebook

Disability and Social Theory

Davis, Lennard


Jacques Lacan + Paul Hunt = Psychoanalytic Disability Studies
Dan Goodley
12. Intellectual Disability Trouble: Foucault and Goffman on ‘Challenging Behaviour’
Karl Nunkoosing, Mark Haydon-Laurelut
13. Stalking Ableism: Using Disability to Expose

Cabaniss, Deborah L. - Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Clinical Manual, ebook

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Clinical Manual

Cabaniss, Deborah L.


An updated and expanded new edition of a widely-used guide to the theory and practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy, Cabaniss’ Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Clinical Manual, 2nd Edition provides material for readers to apply immediately in their treatment of patients.