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Rogers, Jacqueline - Simply Spiritual, ebook

Simply Spiritual

Rogers, Jacqueline


All too often we feel very small, as if our lives are insignificant compared to the vastness of the universe, especially when we suffer the grief of losing a loved one. But in this, Jacqueline Rogers’ uplifting and often astonishing debut book, we learn…

Kaymen, A I - Aura Child, ebook

Aura Child

Kaymen, A I


This is one of the most astonishing books you will ever read, the story of a very special child. Everybody has a gift, but some are more special than others. And perhaps some are more of a curse than a blessing. Imagine growing up seeing the world in…

Prior, Jill - One Moment In Time, ebook

One Moment In Time

Prior, Jill


Fifteen years ago, the world for Jill and Roger Prior halted in its tracks, with the death of their youngest daughter, Lisa, a talented ballet dancer and teacher. Their devastation, which made them wonder whether there was any point in carrying on, led…

Wynne-Ryder, Alison - The Quirky Medium, ebook

The Quirky Medium

Wynne-Ryder, Alison


Scared of ghosts, Alison is a most unlikely medium. But her huge natural gifts for sensing the presence of spirits and angels have taken her on an extraordinary life journey, helping thousands of others with her channelling and healing abilities. Her…

Roberts, Dr. Ciarán/ Billy O'Keeffe/ - The Great Paranormal Clash, ebook

The Great Paranormal Clash

Roberts, Dr. Ciarán/ Billy O'Keeffe/


Billy Roberts, one of the UK's leading stage psychics, throws down the gauntlet to Dr. O'Keeffe, sceptical voice to paranormal shows such as Living TV's Most Haunted and Jane Goldman Investigates. The Clairvoyant is saying - "Poltergeists, ghosts, telepathic powers

Mason, Stan - Myriad of Corridors, ebook

Myriad of Corridors

Mason, Stan


Jeff Hunter’s wife is killed in a hit-and-run accident which leaves him devastated. However he is plagued by her apparition because she tells him she cannot move on to the next world until the rapist and killer of a murdered young girl is found. She…

Panchadasi, Swami - Clairvoyance and Occult Powers, ebook

Clairvoyance and Occult Powers

Panchadasi, Swami


Written by ‘Swami Panchadasi’, one of the many faux-Hindu pseudonyms of the prolific writer on metaphysics William Walker Atkinson. This book looks at the concepts of clairvoyance, telepathy, second-sight, astral travelling, mind-reading and many…