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Chalton, Simon - The Legal Protection of Databases, ebook

The Legal Protection of Databases

Chalton, Simon


This timely new Special Report examines the current EU [and so EEA] law on the legal protection of databases, including the sui generis right established when the European Union adopted its Directive 96/9/EC in 1996.

Singleton, Susan - Data Protection Law for Employers, ebook

Data Protection Law for Employers

Singleton, Susan


The new four-part Code of Practice under the Data Protection Act 1998 on employment and data protection places a further burden of responsibility on employers and their advisers. The Data Protection Act also applies

Seeram, Euclid - Rad Tech's Guide to Radiation Protection, ebook

Rad Tech's Guide to Radiation Protection

Seeram, Euclid


Radiation protection is a core element of radiologic technology programmes and daily practice alike. Rad Tech's Guide to Radiation Protection is a comprehensive yet compact guide designed to illuminate the extensive field of radiation protection

Ma, Jing - Hierarchical Protection for Smart Grids, ebook

Hierarchical Protection for Smart Grids

Ma, Jing


A systematic view of hierarchical protection for smart grids, with solutions to tradition protection problems and complicated operation modes of modern power systems
•     Systematically investigates traditional protection

Dias, H. V. Rasika - Nanomaterials for Environmental Protection, ebook

Nanomaterials for Environmental Protection

Dias, H. V. Rasika


an interdisciplinary approach, aimed at scientists in physical chemistry, nanotechnology, and environmental sciences includes applications of non-conventional techniques in environmental protection furthers the development of applied nanoscience and nanotechnology

Prévé, Christophe - Protection of Electrical Networks, ebook

Protection of Electrical Networks

Prévé, Christophe

From 172,90€

It goes on to cover current and voltage transformers, protection functions, circuit breakers and fuses.
Practical explanations of how protection systems function are given, and these, together with tables of settings, make

Ricci, Marco - Myocardial Protection, ebook

Myocardial Protection

Ricci, Marco


Myocardial protection is regarded as one of the most important, yet also most controversial aspects of cardiac surgery. There has been considerable improvement in myocardial protection strategies over recent years, utilising a variety of new approaches