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Chakraborti, Sajal - Proteases in Health and Disease, ebook

Proteases in Health and Disease

Chakraborti, Sajal


Microbial Source of Fibrinolytic Protease and Its Biotechnological Potential
Ratnakar R. Chitte
7. Aspartic Proteolytic Inhibitors Induce Cellular and Biochemical Alterations in Fungal Cells
André L. S. Santos, Lys A. Braga-Silva, Bianca A. Silva, Vanila

Chakraborti, Sajal - Proteases in Physiology and Pathology, ebook

Proteases in Physiology and Pathology

Chakraborti, Sajal


Regulation of Proteases in Health and Disease
1. Physiological and Pathological Functions of Mitochondrial Proteases
Clea Bárcena, Pablo Mayoral, Pedro M. Quirós, Carlos López-Otín
2. The Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 and Metalloproteinase-9 in

Hooper, Nigel M. - Proteases In The Brain, ebook

Proteases In The Brain

Hooper, Nigel M.


Cysteine Proteases in Neuronal Death in Brain Ischemia
Swapan K. Ray
4. Proteases in Traumatic Brain Injury
Susan M. Knoblach, Alan I. Faden
5. Proteases in CNS Infection and Inflammation
Bernd C. Kieseier, Fabian Bernal
6. Dipeptidyl Peptidase

Hooper, Nigel M. - The ADAM Family of Proteases, ebook

The ADAM Family of Proteases

Hooper, Nigel M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction to the ADAM Family
Judith White, Lance Bridges, Douglas DeSimone, Monika Tomczuk, Tyra Wolfsberg
2. Studies from ADAM Knockout Mice
Keisuke Hoiruchi, Carl P. Blobel
3. ADAM8/MS2/CD156a
Jörg W.…

Behrendt, Niels - Matrix Proteases in Health and Disease, ebook

Matrix Proteases in Health and Disease

Behrendt, Niels


Presenting a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted field of proteases in the extracellular matrix environment, this reference focuses on the recently elucidated functions of complex proteolytic systems in physiological and pathological tissue remodeling. The proteases

Chakraborti, Sajal - Proteases in Human Diseases, ebook

Proteases in Human Diseases

Chakraborti, Sajal


Involvement of Proteases in Various Diseases
1. Matrix Metalloproteinases in Breast Carcinoma
Irena Ranogajec
2. Multifaceted Role of Matrix Metalloproteases on Human Diseases
Soumitra Roy, Asmita Pramanik, Tapati Chakraborti, Sajal Chakraborti

Dhalla, Naranjan S. - Role of Proteases in Cellular Dysfunction, ebook

Role of Proteases in Cellular Dysfunction

Dhalla, Naranjan S.


Proteases and Neural Disorders
1. Role of Calpain in Immunobiology of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Nicole Trager, Azizul Haque, Swapan K. Ray, Arabinda Das, Naren L. Banik
2. Calpain Interactions with the Protein Phosphatase Calcineurin in Neurodegeneration