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Wile, Lawrence - The Jaynes Legacy, ebook

The Jaynes Legacy

Wile, Lawrence


Julian Jaynes' 1976 book, The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, continues to arouse an unsettling ambivalence. Richard Dawkins called it "either complete rubbish or a work of consummate genius, nothing in between". The present…

Sawyer, John F. A. - Isaiah Through the Centuries, ebook

Isaiah Through the Centuries

Sawyer, John F. A.


The first systematic and comprehensive attempt to identify and analyze the role of Isaianic language and imagery in literature, art, and music
Using reception history as its basis for study, Isaiah Through the Centuries is an unprecedented exploration…

Dinham, Adam - Faith and Social Capital After the Debt Crisis, ebook

Faith and Social Capital After the Debt Crisis

Dinham, Adam


Table of contents
1. Faith Beyond Social Capital
Adam Dinham
2. Relationships in Ordinary
Adam Dinham
3. Faiths, Public Policy and the Rise of Social Capital
Adam Dinham
4. Capital, Social Capital and Religious Capital
Adam Dinham
5. Capitalism–Fetishism?
Adam Dinham
6. Magnifying

Freeman, Anthony - God in Us, ebook

God in Us

Freeman, Anthony


Following the example of the Old Testament prophets and the first-century Christians it overturns received ideas about God. God is not an invisible person 'out there' somewhere, but lives in the human heart and mind as 'the sum of all our values and ideals' guiding

Santí, Enrico Mario - Ciphers of History, ebook

Ciphers of History

Santí, Enrico Mario


This Land of Prophets: Walt Whitman in Latin America
Enrico Mario Santí
4. Sor Juana, Octavio Paz, and Poetics of Restitution
Enrico Mario Santí
5. Through the Grapevine: Rulfo, Garro, and National Allegory
Enrico Mario Santí
6. 1898: Narcissism

Cuff, Paul - Abel Gance and the End of Silent Cinema, ebook

Abel Gance and the End of Silent Cinema

Cuff, Paul


Table of contents
Part I. Overcoming the Past
1. In the Shadow of War
Paul Cuff
2. Towards Utopia
Paul Cuff
3. Prophets of the Future
Paul Cuff
4. Cinema and the Life of Space
Paul Cuff
Part II. Impossible Dreams
5. Artistic Integrity and Industrial Change
Paul Cuff
6. A History

Weiner, Stephanie Kuduk - Republican Politics and English Poetry, 1789–1874, ebook

Republican Politics and English Poetry, 1789–1874

Weiner, Stephanie Kuduk


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stephanie Kuduk Weiner
2. Republican Demystification in Politics for the People and Blake’s Songs of Experience
Stephanie Kuduk Weiner
3. Two Defence[s] of Poetry: Shelley and the Newgate Magazine
Stephanie Kuduk Weiner
4. Cooper and Linton: Chartist Prophets and