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Lindeberg, Ann-Charlotte - Promotion and politeness, ebook

Promotion and politeness

Lindeberg, Ann-Charlotte


Promotion and Politeness: Conflicting Scholarly Rhetoric in Three Disciplines Korostusta ja pehmennystä - Ristiriitaisia retorisia strategioita kolmella tieteenalalla Tiedeyhteisön kansainvälistymisen vahvistuminen sekä opiskelijoiden korkeakouluvaihdon lisääntyminen ovat tehneet

Snelling, Anastasia M. - Introduction to Health Promotion, ebook

Introduction to Health Promotion

Snelling, Anastasia M.


Understand the foundations and applications of health promotion
Introduction to Health Promotion gives students a working knowledge of health promotion concepts and methods and their application to health and health behaviors, with a special emphasis

Allensworth, Diane D. - Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice, ebook

Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice

Allensworth, Diane D.


Comprehensive coverage, real-world issues, and a focus on the practical aspects of health promotion
Health Promotion Programs combines theory and practice to deliver a comprehensive introduction to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion programs. Presenting

Stock, Christiane - Neighbourhood Structure and Health Promotion, ebook

Neighbourhood Structure and Health Promotion

Stock, Christiane


Neighbourhood Structure and Health Promotion: An Introduction
Christiane Stock, Anne Ellaway
Part I. Understanding Health as a Matter of Place
2. Neighbourhood Context and Mortality: An Overview
Mathias Meijer
3. Area Effects on Behaviour and Lifestyle:

Beale, Leslie - Human Disease and Health Promotion, ebook

Human Disease and Health Promotion

Beale, Leslie


The essential tools and methodologies for real-world patient education
Human Disease and Health Promotion offers a comprehensive introduction to health advocacy and patient education in a real-world context. Covering the epidemiology and pathology of major communicable and non-communicable