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Brennesholtz, Matthew S. - Projection Displays, ebook

Projection Displays

Brennesholtz, Matthew S.


Projection is a technology for generating large, high resolution images at a price point end users can afford. This allows it to be used in a wide variety of large-screen markets such as television and cinema. In addition, there are emerging small screen markets where a pocketable miniaturized

Lapaine, Miljenko - Choosing a Map Projection, ebook

Choosing a Map Projection

Lapaine, Miljenko


Map Projections and the Internet
Fritz C. Kessler, Sarah E. Battersby, Michael P. Finn, Keith C. Clarke
5. Cartograms as Map Projections
Waldo Tobler
6. Anamorphoses as a Method of Visualization
Sabir M. Gusein-Zade, Vladimir S. Tikunov
7. Map

Chen, Jianmin - Polarization Engineering for LCD Projection, ebook

Polarization Engineering for LCD Projection

Chen, Jianmin


Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projection technology has, in recent years, led the way in large area displays because of its potential to deliver scalable, high-resolution images at a low cost. Since large displayed images demand high brightness and contrast, a full understanding of polarization,

Stillwell, John - Population Dynamics and Projection Methods, ebook

Population Dynamics and Projection Methods

Stillwell, John


Modelling with NEWDSS: Producing State, Regional and Local Area Population Projections for New South Wales
Tom Wilson
5. Relationships Between UK Sub-national Trends in Infant Mortality and Fertility
Paul Norman
6. Monitoring Who Moves Where: Information

Zeng, Yi - Household and Living Arrangement Projections, ebook

Household and Living Arrangement Projections

Zeng, Yi


Household and Living Arrangement Projections at the Small Area Level
Yi Zeng, Kenneth C. Land, Danan Gu, Zhenglian Wang
7. A Simple Method for Projecting Pension Deficit Rates and an Illustrative Application
Yi Zeng, Kenneth C. Land, Danan Gu, Zhenglian

Adams, Darius M. - Resource and Market Projections for Forest Policy Development, ebook

Resource and Market Projections for Forest Policy Development

Adams, Darius M.


Table of contents
1. Timber Assessments Supporting the Development of National Forestry Programs and Policy
1. The Challenge of Developing Models to Support Forest Sector Policy Analysis
Darius M. Adams, Richard W. Haynes
2. Methodological Considerations in Developing the Timber Assessment Projection System