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Edwards, Douglas - Properties, ebook


Edwards, Douglas


The world is populated with many different objects, to which we often attribute properties: we say, for example, that grass is green, that the earth is spherical, that humans are animals, and that murder is wrong. We also take it that these properties

Cannon, Steve - Reservoir Modelling: A Practical Guide, ebook

Reservoir Modelling: A Practical Guide

Cannon, Steve


Designed to be practical, the principles outlined can be applied to any modelling project regardless of the software used. The author — a noted practitioner in the field — captures the heterogeneity due to structure, stratigraphy and sedimentology that has an impact

Baker, Kenneth R. - Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling, ebook

Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling

Baker, Kenneth R.


The text offers balanced coverage of deterministic models and stochastic models and includes new developments in safe scheduling and project scheduling, including coverage of project analytics. These new topics help bridge the

Han, Jie - Principles and Practice of Ground Improvement, ebook

Principles and Practice of Ground Improvement

Han, Jie


Review the basics of geotechnical engineering as applied to the problems of ground improvement Understand the properties of different geomaterials, and the testing and design approaches that best apply Discover solutions to the challenges posed by compaction and replacement

Xiao, Ming - Geotechnical Engineering Design, ebook

Geotechnical Engineering Design

Xiao, Ming


covers the major in geotechnical engineering packed with self-test problems and projects with an on-line detailed solutions manual presents the state-of-the-art field practice covers both Eurocode 7 and ASTM standards (for the US)

Koshy, Thomas - Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers with Applications, ebook

Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers with Applications

Koshy, Thomas


This volume will be a valuable resource for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, as well as for independent study projects, undergraduate and graduate theses. It is the most comprehensive work available, a welcome addition for gibonacci enthusiasts in

Stephens, Rod - Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference, ebook

Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference

Stephens, Rod


Coverage Includes: Overview of WPF WPF in Visual Studio Expression Blend Common Properties Content Controls Layout Controls User Interaction Controls Two-Dimensional Drawing Controls Properties Pens