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Schlattmann, Josef - Aufbau und Organisation von Entwicklungsprojekten, ebook

Aufbau und Organisation von Entwicklungsprojekten

Schlattmann, Josef


Table of contents
1. Einführung in die Produktentwicklung
Josef Schlattmann, Arthur Seibel
2. Organisation eines Entwicklungsbereichs
Josef Schlattmann, Arthur Seibel
3. Aufbau und Ablauf eines Entwicklungsprojekts
Josef Schlattmann, Arthur Seibel
4. Methodisches Vorgehen im Entwicklungsprojekt

Aaltio, Iiris - Ageing, Organisations and Management, ebook

Ageing, Organisations and Management

Aaltio, Iiris


Table of contents
Section 1. Introduction
1. Introduction: Why to Study Ageing in Organisations?
Iiris Aaltio, Albert J. Mills, Jean Helms Mills
Section 2. Age in Discourse and Myth
2. We the Inuit: Fluid Notions of Age and Non-corporeal Actants
Shelley T. Price, Christopher M. Hartt, Anthony R. Yue, Gretchen

Burghall, Roger - Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation For Dummies, ebook

Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation For Dummies

Burghall, Roger


Lean Six Sigma is a powerful method for improving both the efficiency and quality of projects and operations. In this new book, the team that bought you Lean Six Sigma For Dummies shows you how to take Lean Six Sigma to the next level and manage continual change in

Falquet, Gilles - Ontologies in Urban Development Projects, ebook

Ontologies in Urban Development Projects

Falquet, Gilles


Road System Ontology: Organisation and Feedback
Chantal Berdier
18. Impact of BIMs on Business Models in Construction Industry
Jarmo Laitinen, Anssi Joutsiniemi, Juho Malmi, Jussi Vakkilainen
19. Some Observations on the Case Studies: Lessons Learned

McKimm, Judy - ABC of Clinical Leadership, ebook

ABC of Clinical Leadership

McKimm, Judy


  It outlines the scope of clinical leadership, emphasising its importance in the clinical context, especially for improving patient care and health outcomes in rapidly changing health systems and organisations. Using short illustrative case studies, the book takes