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Portny, Stanley E. - Project Management For Dummies, ebook

Project Management For Dummies

Portny, Stanley E.


The bestselling "bible" of project management
In today's time-crunched, cost-conscious global business environment, tight project deadlines and stringent expectations are the norm. Now with 25 percent new and updated content, Project Management

Morris, Peter W. G. - Reconstructing Project Management, ebook

Reconstructing Project Management

Morris, Peter W. G.


The book is designed to offer a thoughtful commentary on project management as it has been practiced and taught over the last 60 or more years, and as it may be over the next 20 to 40, drawing on examples from several industry sectors.
Its thesis

O'Connell, Fergus - What You Need to Know about Project Management, ebook

What You Need to Know about Project Management

O'Connell, Fergus


What You Need to Know About Project Management
Project Management is all about getting things done without spending too much or taking too long. But when you start hearing things like man-days, PSOs and stakeholders, it just makes it difficult to understand.
So what do you really need

Kerzner, Harold - Project Management: Case Studies, ebook

Project Management: Case Studies

Kerzner, Harold

From 57,20€

A new edition of the most popular book of project management case studies, expanded to include more than 100 cases plus a "super case" on the Iridium Project
Case studies are an important part of project