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Goodman, Danny - JavaScript<sup>&#174;</sup> Bible, ebook

JavaScript® Bible

Goodman, Danny


Promotes state-of-the-art industry best practices including progressive enhancement, unobtrusive JavaScript, and separation of development layers Shows how to write scripts for mouse rollover effects, drag-and-drop, and interaction

Haidekker, Mark - Advanced Biomedical Image Analysis, ebook

Advanced Biomedical Image Analysis

Haidekker, Mark

From 158,95€

A comprehensive reference of cutting-edge advanced techniques for quantitative image processing and analysis
Medical diagnostics and intervention, and biomedical research rely progressively on imaging techniques, namely, the ability to capture, store, analyze, and display images at the

Boylan, Michael - Medical Ethics, ebook

Medical Ethics

Boylan, Michael


An accessible introduction for beginners, offering a combination of important established essays and new essays commissioned especially for this volumeGreatly revised - half of the selections are new to this edition, including two essays on genetic enhancement and

BAINBRIDGE, WILLIAM SIMS - Managing nano-bio-info-cogno innovations, ebook

Managing nano-bio-info-cogno innovations



Cognitive Enhancement and the Neuroethics of Memory Drugs
Wrye Sententia
12. Neuropolicy (2005 2035): Converging Technologies Enable Neurotechnology, Creating New Ethical Dilemmas
Zack Lynch
13. Information Technology and Cognitive Systems

Bhateja, Vikrant - Smart Computing and Informatics, ebook

Smart Computing and Informatics

Bhateja, Vikrant


Evaluating the Progressive Performance of Machine Learning Techniques on E-commerce Data
Bindu Madhuri Cheekati, Sai Varun Padala
11. Analysis of Variant Approaches for Initial Centroid Selection in K-Means Clustering Algorithm
N. Sandhya, M. Raja Sekar

Chen, Shu-Ching - Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, ebook

Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering

Chen, Shu-Ching


Design of a Framework for Security Enhancement in Telematics Control Units (TCUs)
Kiyoung Jang, Suhong Shin, Byoungsoo Koh
98. Improved Data Stream Clustering Algorithm for Anomaly Detection
Chunyong Yin, Sun Zhang, Jin Wang
99. Application of an Improved