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Lee, Thomas - Windows PowerShell 2.0 Bible, ebook

Windows PowerShell 2.0 Bible

Lee, Thomas


Here's the complete guide to Windows PowerShell 2.0 for administrators and developers
Windows PowerShell is Microsoft's next-generation scripting and automation language. This comprehensive volume provides the background that IT administrators and developers need in order to start using

Hammer, Jacob Vibe - Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming, ebook

Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming

Hammer, Jacob Vibe


Step-by-step beginner’s guide to Visual C# 2012
Written for novice programmers who want to learn programming with C# and the .NET framework, this book offers programming basics such as variables, flow control, and object oriented programming.

Redkar, Tejaswi - Windows Azure Platform, ebook

Windows Azure Platform

Redkar, Tejaswi


Table of contents
1. Introducing Cloud Services
Tejaswi Redkar
2. Windows Azure platform Overview
Tejaswi Redkar
3. Windows Azure
Tejaswi Redkar
4. Windows Azure Storage Part I — Blobs
Tejaswi Redkar
5. Windows Azure Storage Part II — Queues
Tejaswi Redkar
6. Windows Azure Storage

Gunderloy, Mike - .NET Programming: 10-Minute Solutions, ebook

.NET Programming: 10-Minute Solutions

Gunderloy, Mike


These ten-minute solutions fill the gaps in your knowledge: from them, you'll learn a lot about the realities of programming with .NET technologies, whether you're writing database applications, web applications, or desktop applications.
But they're also

Phung, Samuel - Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7, ebook

Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7

Phung, Samuel


Learn to program an array of customized devices and solutions
As a compact, highly efficient, scalable operating system, Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7) is one of the best options for developing a new generation of network-enabled, media-rich, and service-oriented devices. This in-depth

Li, Henry - Introduction to Windows Azure, ebook

Introduction to Windows Azure

Li, Henry


Table of contents
1. Create Cloud Table Storage
2. Access Cloud Table Storage
3. Working with Cloud Queue and Blob Storage
4. Windows Azure Application Integration Using WCF
5. Azure .NET Services—Access Control
6. Azure .NET Services—Service Bus
7. Azure .NET Services—Workflows
8. SQL Azure

Novák, István - Beginning Windows 8 Application Development, ebook

Beginning Windows 8 Application Development

Novák, István


Learn to use exciting new development tools and create applications for Windows 8
If you're a beginning developer, there's no better place to get up to speed on the Windows 8 SDK than this Wrox guide. A team of Microsoft experts provides a complete course in Windows

Horspool, R. Nigel - TouchDevelop: Programming on the Go, ebook

TouchDevelop: Programming on the Go

Horspool, R. Nigel


Table of contents
1. Introduction to TouchDevelop
R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann
2. The Scripting Language
R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann
3. The Wall – using the screen
R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann
4. The Web
R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann
5. Audio
R. Nigel Horspool,