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Kerr, Cheridan - The Essential Guide to Flash CS4, ebook

The Essential Guide to Flash CS4

Kerr, Cheridan


Table of contents
1. Welcome to Flash CS4
2. Getting Creative: How to Make Your Ideas Come to Life Through Project Planning
3. Getting Your Hands Dirty: Layers, Masks, and Photoshop
4. Draw Me a Picture: Using the Drawing Tools
5. Filters and Blends
6. Let’s Get Animated!
7. Achieving Lifelike Motion with

Green, Tom - Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers, ebook

Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers

Green, Tom


Learning the Flash CS4 Professional Interface
Tom Green, David Stiller
2. Creating Artwork in Flash
Tom Green, David Stiller
3. Symbols and Libraries
Tom Green, David Stiller
4. Actionscript Basics

Milbourne, Paul - The Essential Guide to Flash CS4 with ActionScript, ebook

The Essential Guide to Flash CS4 with ActionScript

Milbourne, Paul


The Programming Primer: A Flash Designer’s Intro to Actionscript 3.0
9. The Building Blocks of Interactivity
10. Learning the Display Model and Bringing It All Together
11. Managing External Assets and Communication
12. XML: The Best Way in and Out of