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McEwen, Celina - Educating the Deliberate Professional, ebook

Educating the Deliberate Professional

McEwen, Celina


Educating for Professional Responsibility: From Critical Thinking to Deliberative Communication, or Why Critical Thinking Is Not Enough
Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke, Tomas Englund, Berit Karseth, Eevi E. Beck
Part II. Reconceptualising the Professional
4. Critique

Hoy, Ariane - Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education, ebook

Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education

Hoy, Ariane


Students as Civic-Minded Professionals: An Approach for Student Development
2. Learning through Service: Structures that Promote Student Leadership
Ashley Cochrane, Heather McNew Schill
3. Student Development in Theory and Practice
Nicole Saylor, Patrick

Dumbach, Martin - Establishing Corporate Innovation Communities, ebook

Establishing Corporate Innovation Communities

Dumbach, Martin


Innovation communities and social capital theory
Martin Dumbach
2. The research gap: Limited knowledge on antecedents of social capital
Martin Dumbach
3. Overview of studies
Martin Dumbach
II. Theoretical background: Open innovation, communities,